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Cageside Seats Weekly RECs: Week ending April 12

Cageside Features: Our very own Cageside 'REC' Awards, for "Recognizing Excellence in Contributions from the Cageside Community". Are you a winner of the Interwebs? Could you be? Let's find out...

Cagesiders: "We aren't BOOBS-we're AWARD WINNERS!"
Cagesiders: "We aren't BOOBS-we're AWARD WINNERS!"

We're back with yet another dose of amazing work injected by you, the CageSide commenters. Many of you have impressed us all by producing some amazing work and golden comments yet again. So it's that time of the week to recognize the excellent FanPosts, FanShots, and comments that were the "Best in the World" (of Cageside) this past week.

As always, thanks to Cagesider Ecstasy with Extra Cheese for cleverly naming our Weekly CageSide Commenters Awards "The RECs", which perfectly sums up what this feature tries to do. After all, without all of you, CageSide Seats would not be the greatest pro wrestling website on the Internet.

So, without further ado, we present to you...

The cSs REC Awards:

Recognizing Excellence in Contributing







*To see comments in the context of their own threads, click on the 'time stamp' behind each Cagesider's name.

From the "Jay Briscoe wins the Ring of Honor world title from Kevin Steen" thread:

Sure, you say that now.

It’s all kudos until [Jay Briscoe] rubs cremated ashes all over his shirtless body. by UnmitigatedDisaster on Apr 6, 2013 | 1:57 AM rec (9)

From the "Daily Open Thread for Saturday, April 6" thead:

[The winning caption to this photo]


by Sonnens Political Adviser on Apr 6, 2013 | 7:01 PM rec (7)

From the "Want to pitch a WWE storyline to Stephanie McMahon? Now you can pony up the dough to do so!" thead:

Why don't I just Jokerize my spare cash in a comically large pile?

Jesus Christ, what a waste of money. If I wanted Vince and Stephanie to not listen to my ideas, I’d want them to be the ones paying me. by *Asterisk* on Apr 6, 2013 | 1:37 PM rec (9)

and also from the same thread...

Pitch an idea?

Nope. Pitch woo or pitch a tent maybe… by keyboard punk on Apr 6, 2013 | 1:40 PM rec (5)

From the "Rob Van Dam continues teasing return to either TNA or WWE" thead:

If [Rob Van Dam] does come back I hope he has found a f**k or two to give. by keyboard punk on Apr 6, 2013 | 5:14 PM rec (10)

and also from the same thread...

If Rob comes back

and loses to Fandango, then sure – I’m all for it. Likewise, if Rob comes back and heels it up with Paul Heyman – I’m down with that. If Rob comes back and beats Cesaro and Barrett and Rhodes and is all stupid babyface RVD then fuck him and whomever books that shit. by Teamweorf on Apr 6, 2013 | 5:21 PM rec (9)

From the "Now WWE is teasing a Rob Van Dam return too" thread:

I hear he's going to team with Jack Swagger to bolster the tag-team division

We(ed) The People by Steve Sypa on Apr 6, 2013 | 8:55 PM rec (13)

From the "WrestleMania 29 results and open discussion thread" thread:

Marco and Carlos

RUN YOU FOOLS Haven’t you learned after all these years that your desk isn’t safe? by Wellington's Wellingtons on Apr 7, 2013 | 7:09 PM rec (4)

and also from the same thread...

So who was tickling Lillian during that?

She sounded like she was about to go full Fallon. by The so-called Beautiful on Apr 7, 2013 | 7:44 PM rec (4)


John Cena of Tables

by The so-called Beautiful on Apr 7, 2013 | 9:16 PM rec (5)


That video team could make the Repo Man vs. Brooklyn Brawler look main event quality

by R Reg on Apr 7, 2013 | 9:33 PM rec (3)


So Heyman's more like the Blackzillians than Greg Jackson's

by sun yue on Apr 7, 2013 | 10:09 PM rec (4)


I just realized why they call it the sleeper's not the victim going to sleep, it's the viewers falling asleep

by Periander on Apr 7, 2013 | 10:29 PM rec (3)


Well, at least they made a lot of money, and none of it was mine.

by *Asterisk* on Apr 7, 2013 | 10:50 PM rec (4)

From the "Daily Open Thread for Sun., April 7: WrestleMania 29 is here!" thread:

I don't always watch WWE PPVs...

But when I do, I watch with my fellows at CSS. Stay smarky, my friends. by Shadowbird on Apr 7, 2013 | 9:05 AM rec (4)

From the "Zack Ryder's WrestleMania 29 opponent" thread:

Ryder's "Push Me" trunks seem to be working

I’m sure he got to the front of the catering line. by Blueblob4life on Apr 7, 2013 | 2:16 PM rec (5)

From the "CM Punk admits to being burned out ahead of WrestleMania 29" thread:

heh I thought the title said Punk finally admits he's fighting A burnout

and thought this was a post about Punk having a feud with a returning RVD by 49erLou on Apr 7, 2013 | 5:27 PM rec (6)

From the "WrestleMania 29: The Shield have no plans to add or subtract any members" thread:

This seems like a pretty public way to deny my application, but I guess they don’t have time for traditional correspondence in their line of work. Such is life. Does anyone know if Aces & Eights is hiring?! by tkatt00 on Apr 7, 2013 | 5:21 PM rec (8)

From the "WrestleMania 29 results: John Cena wins the WWE championship after pinning The Rock" thread:

I'm upset that damn table won't sell

by Steve Sypa on Apr 7, 2013 | 11:05 PM rec (5)

and also from the same thread...

Not true

It Jobbed to The Game, everyone jobs to him in the end by Bad-Horse on Apr 7, 2013 | 11:11 PM rec (6)


So...Cena screwed Bret?

by Steve Sypa on Apr 7, 2013 | 11:41 PM rec (7)


Jeff Hardy was napping on his stomach pre-match.

by Chris Hines on Apr 8, 2013 | 12:03 AM rec (5)

From the "Brodus Clay is heartbroken about being left off WrestleMania 29 broadcast" thread:

I'm sad Rhodes Scholars got bumped

but man that Diddy concert sure was relevant and really furthered some story lines so I guess I can’t complain too much. by 49erLou on Apr 8, 2013 | 11:58 AM rec (3)

From the "WrestleMania 29 results: The great mystery of what was on Triple H's stomach (GIF)" thread:

Triple H was fucking around

with Undertaker’s urn just before he came out. by Teamweorf on Apr 8, 2013 | 6:09 AM rec (5)

and also from the same thread...

it was obviously the crushed (and grinded) hopes of everyone of us who was hoping for hhh to do the right thing

by vhw_ on Apr 8, 2013 | 10:48 AM rec (4)

From the "WWE Raw results and live blog for April 8: The WrestleMania 29 fallout show" thread:

And on the eighth day of April, in the year of our Lord (Tensai) Two Thousand and Thirteen

Wade Barret was over. by TMadeBurner on Apr 8, 2013 | 8:47 PM rec (6)

and also from the same thread...

Ziggler will cash in on you next. by KyroJudo on Apr 8, 2013 | 9:16 PM rec (4)



Dolph shows up and cashes in on ReverendKain. by ShatterHand on Apr 8, 2013 | 9:16 PM rec (4)


If I remember correctly

he’s called JTG. by ShatterHand on Apr 8, 2013 | 9:38 PM rec (7)


Uh oh, two independent thought alarms in one day. The children are overstimulated. Willie, remove all the colored chalk from the classrooms.

by 49erLou on Apr 8, 2013 | 10:08 PM rec (3)


The wrestlers are now the audience. Ultimate swerve

by Vikant on Apr 8, 2013 | 10:08 PM rec (6)


I dunno...

Six, seven inches? by neverAcquiesce on Apr 8, 2013 | 10:28 PM rec (3)


They HAVE to put this Raw as an extra on the WM DVD.

by The so-called Beautiful on Apr 8, 2013 | 10:38 PM rec (3)


To make room for it, they could always bump Foley's HOF speech.

by Kanenite on Apr 8, 2013 | 10:38 PM rec (3)



BUT THAT WAS THE GREATEST WRESTLING SHOW OF ALL TIME by 49erLou on Apr 8, 2013 | 11:08 PM rec (4)


This Raw was too athletic for you.

by Kanenite on Apr 8, 2013 | 11:12 PM rec (3)

From the "WrestleMania 29 results and reactions from last night (April 7): You can't always get what you want" thread:

Zeb Colter angry face.

[photo] by IRodC on Apr 8, 2013 | 10:06 AM rec (26)

and also from the same thread...


FANDANGO IS UNDEFEATED AT WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!! Noone will break his streak! by IRodC on Apr 8, 2013 | 10:15 AM rec (5)


What's impressive about Fandango

is how well he’s getting a crap character over. The last time I’ve seen such a crummy character get so over was that Thuganomics bit where the guy Nipsey Russelled his upcoming matches in the middle of the ring and got all the way up to main events before changing his schtick. by UnmitigatedDisaster on Apr 8, 2013 | 10:38 AM rec (12)

From the "Daily Open Thread for Monday, April 8" thread:

Friendship may be magic, Rev...

But it don’t win tag team championships.

by Everyone

and also from the same thread...

"there were the Ric Flair "Woos" coming from every direction, the mating call of the WWE fanbase."

Well then, no wonder the divorce rate is so high in America.

by Blueblob4life on Apr 8, 2013 | 2:09 PM rec (5)


OMG, I just saw a kaitlyn doppleganger

At work. She was a customer. And now I am pumping gas with a rager. Thats right ladies.. a huge boner is about to burst through my work pants as we speak. Oh what’s that? You wanna fill up? by CaseygarnerPDX on Apr 8, 2013 | 5:59 PM rec (3)

From the "Precap to the April 8, 2013 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, or the one after WrestleMania 29" thread:

Mr. John Cena

You make it so easy hate you, Which is sad john because I don’t hate you, i don’t even dislike you. But it’s sometimes shameful to admit that I ever used to call myself of fan of yours. I compare John Cena to the Call of Duty franchise once exciting and entertaining but now it has become so stagnant and stale it’s hard to find any enjoyment out of it. Despite its obvious flaws and fans clamoring for change, it continues to put out the same crap year in and year out because it makes a ton of money and kids eat that shit up. And that’s what bugs me the most about the John Cena character, the refusal to go outside the box with his kid friendly persona. Stop worrying about being beloved by kiddies because eventually they will move on and find something new to latch on to. John Cena will never be remember as one of the greats if he continues on this path of mediocrity, and the WWE will never move forward with its constant over pushing of one sole entity. They need to stop thinking several months ahead and start thinking several years ahead. but hey what the fuck do I know, I am just some guy on the internet. by Vikant on Apr 8, 2013 | 1:31 PM rec (6)

and also from the same thread...

Daniel Bryan super over at two straight Manias (and also over between that time), can put on great matches, is good on the mic.
But John Cena looks like Superman, so, yeah. WWE Logic. by BFisch28 on Apr 8, 2013 | 1:37 PM rec (4)

and also from the same thread...


You know what really irks me?? Daniel Bryan being forced to walk out with Kane, using Kane’s theme song and pyrotechnics before matches. When Bryan’s theme hits, crowds become unglued, and I feel like the best pops in WWE right now are being stifled by the Big Red Machine theme. If there is still an ounce of entertainment to be squeezed out of this pairing (there isn’t), then at least start using D-Bry’s theme so we can look forward to a future singles push and enjoy the crowd. by TheCrossingGuard on Apr 8, 2013 | 3:08 PM rec (5)

From the "WrestleMania 29 results: Timing, production, and technical issues plague the big event" thread

Additional thought on the set:

Looking at its reveal Friday night, even then I wondered why WWE would build that set. It was by far the largest, most ostentatious, gaudiest, and probably most expensive set WWE’s ever had.

Then today, it came to me.

Vince McMahon is turning into Jerry Jones. WWE is becoming the Dallas Cowboys, “America’s Team” that’s still living off good will from when they were on top. Which I guess would make John Cena Tony Romo, except for the fact that Cena actually deserves the criticism he gets. by Shadowbird on Apr 8, 2013 | 7:14 PM rec (4)

From the "John Cena's WWE championship has custom side plates already" thread:


Unless… the match last night was fixed?! by TheCrow4Life on Apr 8, 2013 | 4:07 PM rec (4)

From the "Report: Panic backstage at Monday Night Raw with The Rock gone and planned angles being nixed" thread:

Just what WWE needs.

An erratically booked, confusing mess of a Raw right after a questionably-booked, disappointing mess of a Wrestlemania.

[/sarcasm] by Shadowbird on Apr 8, 2013 | 4:58 PM rec (11)

and also from the same thread...

I will say one thing, if he just up and left that's pretty shitty. by Chris Hines on Apr 8, 2013 | 5:02 PM rec (7)


Shawn Michaels lost his smile.

The Rock lost his talent. by Nolan Howell on Apr 8, 2013 | 5:16 PM rec (10)


I would find it pretty fucking hard to believe he doesn't know he's booked for post Mania RAW.

At the bare minimum you’d want him to give a “good bye” speech after losing the title, at maximum you want to setup his rematch or SS/WM match. by Chris Hines on Apr 8, 2013 | 5:21 PM rec (7)


Last minute script rewrites for Raw? When was the last time that happened? by Jonathan Loesche on Apr 8, 2013 | 6:21 PM rec (3)

From the "Pic: John Cena's custom WWE championship title with new side plates" thread:

If Hunter ever wins the title again, his sideplates should say "THIS BUISNESS" and include a pic of jeans with a pee stain.

by R Reg on Apr 8, 2013 | 6:09 PM rec (5)

From the "Dolph Ziggler cashes in Money in the Bank briefcase, wins world heavyweight title from Alberto Del Rio" thread:

I see that you're a Professional Parade Ruiner.

by Blueblob4life on Apr 8, 2013 | 9:33 PM rec (19)

and also from the same thread…

[In response to "not being a fan of Dolph Ziggler"]

you spelled wrestling wrong

by James Carlucci on Apr 8, 2013 | 9:55 PM rec (24)

From the "WWE Raw results and post-show open thread for WrestleMania 29 fallout show" thread:

or it makes you the Toughest Son of a Bitch in the WWE

Ryback 3:16 says I can’t eat red meat any more because of my cholesterol!

FEED ME FISH! by Simark on Apr 9, 2013 | 12:25 AM rec (5)

and also from the same thread...

I agree. Crowds having mindless fun ruins the integrity of a staged sporting event.

by UnmitigatedDisaster on Apr 8, 2013 | 11:41 PM rec (9)


You're an angry drunk aren't you

by dandeman on Apr 8, 2013 | 11:43 PM rec (6)


Some people like to complain about crowds "trying to get themselves over"

But, as far as I’m concerned, the WWE shoves it down our face 24/7 that we live in the “WWEUniverse” and that we can be “active” and “TOUT” and “tweet” and let our voices be heard. So, now that they are in front of a crowd that does exactly that, people shouldn’t by hypocrites about it. This crowd was the most epic crowd I have ever seen. by liberty_JAC on Apr 8, 2013 | 11:27 PM rec (22)


Let's do it, then!

Just to book ourselves a match… you got Teddy Long’s phone number? by ReverendKain on Apr 8, 2013 | 11:47 PM rec (3)



by 49erLou on Apr 9, 2013 | 12:09 AM rec (3)


extension: PLAYA

by 49erLou on Apr 9, 2013 | 12:09 AM rec (3)


or from you AT&T phone just dial

HOLLA HOLLA by howard is better than pujols on Apr 9, 2013 | 12:12 AM rec (4)


or just dial 1010325-tag-team- holla -holla-playa

by 14fizzpatrick on Apr 9, 2013 | 12:22 AM rec (3)


one negative of a RAW this awesome

ive had to pee since 9 o’clock by howard is better than pujols on Apr 8, 2013 | 11:41 PM rec (8)


This might be silly...

… but it sort of makes sense to me, in hindsight, that if you know you’re going to have a guy cash in, that you book him like shit so that you can have that one moment where Del Rio gets Ziggler in the arm breaker and everyone collectively feels, “omg, Ziggler’s totally gonna lose right here.”

And then he gets out of it and it was just so beautiful. by liberty_JAC on Apr 8, 2013 | 11:50 PM rec (3)


[photo] by howard is better than pujols on Apr 9, 2013 | 12:22 AM rec (15)



and on the 8 day of april in thy year of 2013 thy dolph of ziggler cash in thy money in the bank on Alberto of del rio and won the WHC by 14fizzpatrick on Apr 9, 2013 | 12:29 AM rec (3)


You're a Merrikin? I thought you were English.

by ReverendKain on Apr 9, 2013 | 12:45 AM rec (9)

From the "Video: Dolph Ziggler cashes in Money in the Bank contract to win world heavyweight title on Raw" thread:

I've watched this vid like 5 times now. Is it possible to be mentally erect?

by R Reg on Apr 9, 2013 | 12:34 AM rec (6)

From the "CSSGTTT: (2) Fabulous Freebirds vs. (3) Hardy Boyz" thread:

Vote - Hardys

The Hardys, Dudleys, and E&C are tag team wrestling for me. Yes, maybe this dates me, and maybe I don’t give enough credit to teams I didn’t get to experience as much…but fuck it, these three teams entertained the shit out of me. When those guys were all feuding for the tag titles, those titles were some of the most anticipated matches of the entire card/show/etc. YouWANTED to see what crazy shit they’d do next.

So, yeah, Hardys for me. by ZeroIndulgence on Apr 9, 2013 | 11:15 AM rec (7)

and also from the same thread...

You're what's wrong with these tournies sir. Go back and watch a team with actual psychology instead of jumping off shit.

by SpaceMountain on Apr 9, 2013 | 11:40 AM rec (3)

From the "Rumor Roundup for Tuesday, April 9" thread:


Word at last night’s RAW was that the Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio feud is finished. [Jerry Seinfeld "That's a shame"] by rancho king on Apr 9, 2013 | 10:00 AM rec (10)

From the "WWE Raw results and reactions from last night (April 8): WrestleMania 29 fallout" thread:


“Troll Cena is great and he was aces interacting with the crowd. I didn’t take it as him trying to piggyback off Fandago’s love. The crowd started humming Fandango’s music again so he went with them.” – So Much This. Cena on the mic and interacting with the crowd was nothing less than A+++ . He was funny, didn’t make any childish jokes, got the ‘smart’ crowd which normally hates him thoroughly entertained, even sold fear to Henry when needed. I mean, yesterday I don’t think his performance was flawed in any way whatsoever. Cena was on top of his game last night and he knew it. There was absolutely no reason for him to steal anybody’s thunder or momentum because he is way, way ahead of them. This idea that he steals anything from anybody just to get himself over, or that he needs to is senseless. by Jerichoholic_21 on Apr 9, 2013 | 9:04 AM rec (7)

and also from the same thread...

I hope that crowds humming Fandango’s theme becomes a common occurrence, that was just great stuff. by who me on Apr 9, 2013 | 8:25 AM rec (8)


Ehh, you know what I find "disrespectful"

Randy Orton working the same program over and over and over and over and over again with little to no fucks given by him. Shea-moose is alright by me but he was acceptable collateral damage. That match was lazy and told no story. I’m glad the crowd entertained themselves and I’m glad they entertained me. by TMadeBurner on Apr 9, 2013 | 9:21 AM rec (23)


I'll be honest too

for me, the crowd couldn’t have done that to a more deserving person. Since the Christian angle a long while back Orton’s been boring as hell. I’m glad he went on his little streak of putting people over but oh well. Everything has been handed to Randall in the WWE and he’s taken it for granted. Popped twice for wellness violations and generally seems like a bitchy talent considering his cushy spot on the roster. So one crowd paid him no mind and had some fun for themselves, so what? I’ll live and so won’t Randy. Guy didn’t give a shit to exert any effort the past few months so I doubt he gives a shit about this incident. by TMadeBurner on Apr 9, 2013 | 9:31 AM rec (6)


Wouldn't that be an ADT?

As in a flying DDT becomes a flying ADT? About Damn Time? by Riggler on Apr 9, 2013 | 4:41 PM rec (9)


So you're saying smart crowds love average sized white guys with beards?

I believe it. by UnmitigatedDisaster on Apr 9, 2013 | 9:42 AM rec (9)


I was at Raw last night-- the crowd reaction was the result of a perfect storm. And Justin Roberts was the catalyst.

Here’s what i mean:
First, the ingredients had to be in place.
A. King wasn’t blowing smoke. There were A LOT of Europeans there last night which does always make for some interesting reations.
B. I would say a conservative estimate is about 75% of the fans there last night were at Wrestlemania the night before (including myself.) Naturally, we felt shafted by Cena winning and the generally underwhelming show itself. People were antsy to begin with.
C. Before the show went on the air, they announced the Rock wouldn’t be there. People were pissed. And this is before the show even started.

Now you take A B & C and add it to this:
During the commercial break immediately before the Orton/Sheamus match, they did a segment where Justin Roberts came into the ring and told everyone in the crowd to hold up their signs. They showed a bunch of them on the TitanTron and Roberts would announce whatever they said. Right before the show went back on the air, the camera man got cute and showed referee Mike Chioda on the TitanTron. Not missing a beat, Roberts announced “And we’ve got Mike Chioda” as if he were announcing another sign. Chioda then hammed it up a little bit for the crowd which got a huge reaction.

Now the match starts. And it’s Orton vs Sheamus… two guys who people are sick of. So naturally, a “Mike Chioda” chant starts up, followed by a “Justin Roberts” chant… and the rest, as they say, is history.

It really was the perfect storm. A volatile crowd to begin with, the camera man putting Chioda on the screen, Roberts announcing him, followed immediately by a boring match. by DWalz286 on Apr 9, 2013 | 12:27 PM rec (16)

From the "Daily Open Thread for Tuesday, April 9" thread:

So last week my girlfriend dumped me (through text message, no less)

And it sucked. Then Ziggy cashed in last night and I can’t remember what she even looks like now. by jwparks87 on Apr 9, 2013 | 9:45 AM rec (14)


I think she dumped me because

the sex was too athletic. by jwparks87 on Apr 9, 2013 | 4:26 PM rec (7)

From the "The Rock injury news and why there was panic backstage at WWE Raw" thread:

I wasn't upset to begin with

and Dolph Ziggler is the World Heavyweight Champion. What the hell is there to be mad about right now? by TMadeBurner on Apr 9, 2013 | 6:38 PM rec (10)

and also from the same thread...

WWE = NCAA Basketball

After struggling to commit to fully watching either the NCAA Men’s National Championship game or possibly the best Monday Night Raw since last year’s post-WM show – I’ve come to the conclusion that the WWE and NCAA Basketball are exactly the same.

Hear me out.

Both are mired in a slump of mediocrity thanks to the “part-time”/“one-and-done” eras that both organizations have been going through lately. WWE has relied on bringing back stars of decades past to reignite the fans and draw interest in their shows. While it can be wildly successful, after a while the fans see through it and it becomes stale. WWE is then forced to rely on their current stars, who are all mired in mediocrity as a collective group, and the outcome is horrible (still not over R Truth main eventing a PPV for the WWE title even if it was a couple years ago now). The NCAA has been stuck in this one-and-done curse thanks to the NBA’s implementation of the rule that a player has to be at least one year removed from high school in order to be allowed to play in the league. This forces the best high school talent to go to a school for one year and leave. Yes, the fans still get behind the player, but the organization usually doesn’t benefit (sans UK last year). Anyway, I guess what I’m getting at is that WWE and its fans can’t be mad at Dwayne for putting bigger commitments and obligations ahead of his WWE commitments – it would be like UK fans cursing Anthony Davis and co. for leaving after winning the national title last year. Everyone knows what’s going to happen, the story doesn’t end well, but we put the blinders on while the going is good anyway. by NegroGrande on Apr 9, 2013 | 6:41 PM rec (7)


not faulting him for leaving BUT

That (as reported) is an unprofessional and unacceptable means of going about it. I’ve heard it said about dates, family commitments, and friends: things happen and sometimes you have to cancel plans. But in this day and age of connectivity there is No reason he (or his agent, etc) could no call, text, tweet, tout, facebook status update or whatever other means he’d like to use to let them know ahead of time.

You can’t sell me on him not having a phone or fire breathing twittah machine, and I’m sure he has Vince’s number. He greatly could have damaged other people’s standing pulling this and he shiuld know as well as anyone how Vince can.take it out on the writers through no fault of their own so he could no show. Not being there is fine, but this proves his stick of using nonsensical insults that sound like they came from a 12 yr old really came from someone with that level of maturity. by sioux1337 on Apr 9, 2013 | 9:15 PM rec (6)

From the "Triple H explains that accident all over his stomach at WrestleMania 29" thread:

H's pants unbuttoned, thigh bands in the background...

Looks like Cesaro is getting his push everybody by miked18 on Apr 9, 2013 | 8:49 PM rec (26)

and also from the same thread...

After the match someone commented "I guess he came, he saw, he conquered"

by calvinreacher on Apr 10, 2013 | 6:11 AM rec (3)


This is why I was so upset by

the old Scooby Doo episode with Redbeard the pirate. At the end, Scooby grabs a block of dry ice with his bare paws and drop it into a bucket of water. This produces a spooky fog… out of which he cuts and eats a donut-shaped ring. Wait, what were we talking about? by King Oskar on Apr 10, 2013 | 2:00 PM rec (3)

From the "Rumor Roundup for Wednesday, April 10" thread:

Sweet Jesus

If ever there was an article that succinctly articulated the phrase “put their bodies on the line,” it’s this one. We’re happy that a 48-year-old man didn’t further injure himself after needing surgery on his hip replacement last year. The company’s marquee guy has like a dozen minor injuriesand illnesses that he has no time to heal (of note, the last time I got food poisoning, I almost died. I wouldn’t have been able to do a Five-Knuckle Shuffle, let alone participate in, basically, thirty minutes of stuntman work). The company’s other big workhorse has so many injuries that he’s ignoring I wouldn’t be completely surprised if he actually died on that botched suplex and has just been working through it. And, yes… dislocated kneecap. That’s actually the phrase for a magic spell. You put those two words together and it causes pain in the reader. by ShatterHand on Apr 10, 2013 | 7:12 AM rec (5)

and also from the same thread...

And with Hogan landing on his poop shoot with him being so full of crap couldn't have been good for his health.

by keyboard punk on Apr 10, 2013 | 2:45 PM rec (8)


Ain't no party like a smark after party

Cuz a smark after party always POPS by Supa Dupe on Apr 10, 2013 | 8:45 AM rec (4)

From the "CSSGTTT Elite Eight Round: (1) Road Warriors vs. (2) Fabulous Freebirds" thread:


No question that every great wrestler or team needs opposition that reinforces their greatness in the ring. The Warriors only wrestled the Birds briefly in the AWA and while they had a good run they were only one of numerous teams that were a foil for the Legion of Doom. The MIdnight Express, Demolition, Four Horsemen, Koloffs, etc. all took turns attempting to bring down the L.O.D. and in the end Hawk and Animal reigned supreme. NWA,AWA, WWF tag team titleholders. They were the signature team of the 80’s and for me their influence lives on.

The Road Warriors were trailblazers. Ahead of their time with a look and style that was copied by almost every promotion by other performers. Face painted, power based grapplers who simply ran through the competition. I can hear the chords of Ozzy’s “Iron Man” now as the two behemoths rush to the ring. They started as heels and always became faces because the fans had to love them.

I understand the complaints in regards to psychology but their no-selling was a part of their gimmick. Would you truly believe that a body slam by 230 lb. Jerry Lawler would really hurt a 290 monster like Hawk? It wouldn’t make sense.

To call them the Ultimate Warriors of the tag team industry is dimishing to their legacy especially since Warrior was a rip-off of them. A blatant copy that used the same elements in 88’ that they began five years earlier in the Georgia territory.

As for the Birds, I love’d them for all the reasons you said. Hayes was the most entertaining but a marginal grappler while Gordy was my favorite. He could brawl, and wrestle and had the size and mean streak to match many of his era. It’s not surprising how well he did in Japan and that he had a singles run in UWF as a champion. Buddy Roberts was my least favorite but he was near the end of his active career, look back in the 70’s and you’d find a solid matman with a colorful personality. by Jergs on Apr 11, 2013 | 1:13 PM rec (6)

From the "Rumor Roundup for Thursday, April 11" thread:

I'm all for it

if Ricardo disappears shortly before each match and comes out as a luchador/El Local (riffing on Clark Kent/Superman). Sets up lots of comedy bits to help get Del Rio over as a face. by King Oskar on Apr 11, 2013 | 10:20 AM rec (15)

From the "Daily Open Thread for Thursday, April 11" thread:

[In reference to what he sees in this photo]

Brock Lesnar's penis sword tattoo

by Kanenite on Apr 11, 2013 | 12:11 PM rec (5)

and also from the same thread...

We need a new cSs commenter named

BitchHoldMyBaby by Kanenite on Apr 11, 2013 | 4:19 PM rec (5)


idk why its so small but its brock lesnar sashaying

[A gif of Brock Lesnar sashaying. What the hell else would it be?] by BitchHoldMyHoops on Apr 11, 2013 | 4:35 PM rec (4)

From the "Precap to the April 11, 2013 episode of TNA Impact, featuring Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship" thread:

There are no more screwdrivers in TNA thanks to Christopher Daniels. It's all appletinis and ball peen hammers.

by keyboard punk on Apr 11, 2013 | 1:50 PM rec (3)

From the "Jack Swagger DUI update: Trial set for June 25 in Mississippi" thread:

What's ironic about this is..

When the verdict is read in court it will be begin with “We the people” find.. by Capri750 on Apr 11, 2013 | 4:20 PM rec (3)

From the "WWE names the top 10 chants in history" thread:

No "Holy Shit!"?

Oh well. Only 10 spots, I guess. by ReverendKain on Apr 11, 2013 | 3:44 PM rec (3)

and also from the same thread...

I think you could have an entire list just for the original ECW

“Show your tits!”
“You suck dick!”
“You fat fuck!”
“She’s got herpes!”
“Fuck ’em up Sandman Fuck ’em up”
“Holy shit!”
“Sit The Fuck Down!”
“Welcome back!”
“Please don’t go!”
“She’s a crack whore!”
“He’s Hardcore!”
“Shut the fuck up!”
“You fucked up!”
“Sandman’s gonna kill you!”
“You fuck sheep!”
“What’s your name?”
“Justin Asshole!”

Ok so many of these are as simple and juvenile as it gets. But they were still very memorable. by Kanenite on Apr 11, 2013 | 10:27 PM rec (3)

From the "Dear WWE: Please don't screw up with Ryback and Dolph Ziggler" thread:

they will fuck this up. they fuck everything up.

really, they always have. the only thing that keeps us coming back is the occasional bit of greatness that shines through. Even the highly touted attitude era was 90% garbage. We wll sit through the Great Kali’s, the Kattie Vicks, the burial of great talent like Cesaro, and endless other crap just so that we can see a few minutes of someone like Ziggler finnally cashing in the briefcase or the Undertaker going 20 and 0 at Wrestlemania. The WWE knows this, thats why they dont care about us. Even at there worst we will keep watching. Even if we tune out for a while something will drag us back. Were really like drug addicts when you think about it. We just keep looking for that next high while suffering and complaining through all the lows becasue we love it. by DaVeganDemon on Apr 11, 2013 | 4:30 PM rec (8)

and also from the same thread...

can i derec something?

by ClingingMars on Apr 11, 2013 | 5:35 PM rec (11)

From the "Video: Randy Orton forgets his lines on Monday Night Raw before Sheamus bails him out" thread:

I thought the voices in his head were supposed to help him out with this.

by UnmitigatedDisaster on Apr 11, 2013 | 4:08 PM rec (18)

and also from the same thread...


5) sheamus didn’t know ortons line but said " ‘ey fella, woi don’t you just ask them if they want to see you kick the big shows arse" by Primus Flavius on Apr 11, 2013 | 4:31 PM rec (16)

From the "Raw segment ratings for WrestleMania 29 fallout show" thread:

You might even say...

A staggering 665,000 viewers were lost for this quarter. That’s a lot. Like, a ton.

…it was a funk ton. by ReverendKain on Apr 11, 2013 | 8:50 PM rec (5)

From the "CSSGTTT Elite Eight Round: (1) Hart Foundation vs. (3) Steiner Brothers" thread:

vote- neither

i refuse to vote for bret hart or scott steiner after all of the bullshit they’ve been babbling about the Hulkster.

Neither one of them is going over.

BROTHER. by Ken Neadly on Apr 12, 2013 | 9:20 AM rec (3)

and also from the same thread...

Vote - Steiners

Normally when you go one on one another tag team you have a 50/50 chance of wininning, but with Steiner Brothers your chances become -38.57%. by Michael Pidacks on Apr 12, 2013 | 2:28 PM rec (3)


Vote - Hart Foundation

The fact that the Steiners some how beat the Midnight Express was shameful enough. The fact that this vote is even close is damn right appalling. Clearly one of CSS darkest moments by Eugene Banks on Apr 12, 2013 | 6:32 PM rec (4)

From the "Rumor Roundup for Friday, April 12" thread

I hope they keep putting Miz in movies.

The more time he spends on a movie set the less time he will be in the ring. by keyboard punk on Apr 12, 2013 | 6:11 AM rec (34)

From the "Daily Open Thread for Friday, April 12" thread:


they could have put on compelling matches with well-booked finishes. by tkatt00 on Apr 12, 2013 | 9:51 AM rec (8)

and also from the same thread...

In a famous Queen song

They ask me “will you do the Fandango?” Well, after all these years, I finally found the answer. Yes. Yes, I most certainly will do the “fandango” by CaseygarnerPDX on Apr 12, 2013 | 10:49 AM rec (6)


No, No, No, No, No, No, No!

Make room for Daniel Bryan! by CaseygarnerPDX on Apr 12, 2013 | 11:37 AM up reply rec (6) flag


Mama mia let me go

I’m thinking they have an escape-only steel cage match. by ReverendKain on Apr 12, 2013 | 12:36 PM rec


[The winning captions to this photo]


by ReverendKain on Apr 12, 2013 | 2:17 PM rec (3)



by DFreshMMA on Apr 12, 2013 | 2:20 PM rec (3)

From the "Video: Fandangoing reaches Houston Texans cheerleaders practice" thread:

Vince is going to see this as mainstream attention...

Naturally, that means that Fandango will beat John Cena at Extreme Rules, right?! by tkatt00 on Apr 12, 2013 | 1:33 PM rec (11)

and also from the same thread...

Jim Johnston is a fucking god.

by Satish_Ram on Apr 12, 2013 | 1:39 PM rec (19)


If he had blown the punchline, none of this would have happened.

For once, creative got the build right. When his name was announced and the beaten body of Fandango called for the mike, he had to deliver the line perfectly, as if he’s on the verge of collapse and every bit of energy he has left goes into making sure his name is pronounced correctly, even if he dies in the attempt. He nailed it. Now a room full of cheerleading prospects sings his song. by UnmitigatedDisaster on Apr 12, 2013 | 2:28 PM rec (14)


I give their performance a 4/10.

But I give them a 12/10 for effort and being attractive. by Blueblob4life on Apr 12, 2013 | 2:10 PM rec (7)

From the "Big Show and WWE getting sued by former employee" thread:

If this guy wins and sets a precedent, Matt Striker's going to be a millionaire

I mean, he’s been assaulted by most of the heels on the roster, and some of the babyfaces! by ShatterHand on Apr 13, 2013 | 7:07 AM rec (4)


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