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On This Date in WWF History (Apr. 13): You suck, Blackman!

Steve Blackman is a "lethal weapon" and can even kill a man with his jokes. They're that bad.


On April 13, 2000, World Wrestling Federation (WWF) aired (pre-recorded) from the Ice Palace in Tampa, Florida, featuring a heavily-promoted rivalry between Triple H and The Rock.

Filling in the gaps was the comedy duo and newly-formed tag team of Al Snow and Steve Blackman, who were participating in the requisite comedy sketches on Friday Night SmackDown! While they gave us nothing from the memorable "Head Cheese" angle, they did take a trip to a local nursing home to see if the "Lethal Weapon" was just as deadly on the mic.

He wasn't.

In fact, his jokes, which were "cheesy" by design, served only to anger the elderly residents in attendance, even prompting one geriatric critic to shout out, "You suck, black man!" -- Perhaps forgetting the importance of inflection with Steve-o's last name.

Check out video of the Black collar comedy tour, after the jump.

Anyone get a kick out of this schtick?


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