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Rumor Roundup for Wednesday, April 10

World Heavyweight Championship scene rumors, injury updates galore including Punk, Undertaker, and Cena, TNA news, and more!

Velvet Sky- Knockouts Champion
Velvet Sky- Knockouts Champion

Speculating on the rumors surrounding pro wrestling is a favored pastime of many fans, perhaps second only to actually watching the matches. In this daily column, we will be taking a look at the latest rumors being churned out by the pro wrestling rumor mill.

Important reminder: Rumors are just that -- rumors. None of this has been confirmed as legitimate news or fact; so remember to take it all with a grain of salt.

Rumors for the Day:

  • With Dolph Ziggler's surprise cash in of his long-held Money in the Bank briefcase to win the World Heavyweight Championship on the April, 8 edition of Raw, the scene around the title is in flux. Former champion Alberto Del Rio had been advertised for a WrestleMania 29 rematch with Jack Swagger in a submission match at May's Extreme Rules pay per view. This comes only a few weeks after rumors suggested that Del Rio would be heavily involved in the World Heavyweight title scene throughout 2013. Rumors around Jack Swagger seems to suggest that he is in for a dreaded "de-push," possibly as a delayed punishment for his DUI arrest and/or due to the general lack of audience response to his character. So, enter Randy Orton. Despite ever-persistent rumors that Orton is due for a heel turn at any time now, it is believed that Orton may be Ziggler's long-term opponent for the latter's title. Rumors from late 2012 also suggested that those two would be "carrying the World Heavyweight title picture throughout 2013." Got all that? Good.
  • It is now being said that CM Punk did not already have surgery on his injured knee, but is experiencing significant pain and is limping. It is still believed that he will soon be getting some time off to recover, both mentally and physically, likely lasting into May, if not beyond.
  • Punk's WrestleMania 29 opponent, the Undertaker, is said to have made it through the match uninjured. This is good news for the 48 year old veteran, who infamously damaged his hip replacement in his WrestleMania 28 "Hell in a Cell" match against Triple H. That injury required another surgery to repair.
  • Speaking of "the Deadman," he is still being advertised for the April 23 SmackDown taping from London, UK. It is believed he will be wrestling in the "dark match" main event, teaming with Sheamus and Randy Orton against the Shield.
  • Back to the topic of injuries, it is being said that John Cena has been competing with an injured thumb, possibly even broken. It has been said for months now that Cena is dealing with a number of minor, nagging injuries similar to the elbow chips that caused him to miss October's Hell in a Cell pay per view. You can now add a thumb injury to that list. It is also being said that Cena wrestled the Rock at WrestleMania 29 while dealing with the aftereffects of a case of food poisoning he suffered in the middle of last week.
  • Now that we're winding down from WrestleMania, it's time for a few TNA updates, also regarding injuries. (Noticing a theme today?) Current Knockout's Champion Velvet Sky suffered a dislocated knee cap in her match on Impact last Thursday (April 4.) She is currently experiencing pain and swelling, but there is no structural damage. Additionally, former X-Division champion Chris Sabin is set to make his return to action soon. Sabin tore his ACL back in June and had successful surgery shortly thereafter.

If you have heard of any interesting rumors that you'd like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Please remember, these are merely rumors. Try not to take them too seriously, just have fun with them.

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