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WWE 'Main Event' results and reactions from last night (March 27): Back to mediocrity

WWE 'Main Event' returned last night (Mar. 27, 2013); featuring United States Champion Antonio Cesaro taking on one half of the Tag Team Champion Kane, and The Funkadactyls facing The Bella Twins for some Divas tag team action. We got the actions right here!

WWE 'Main Event' returned last night (Mar. 27, 2013) on ION Television from Hershey, Pennsylvania, with Kane going over United States Champion Antonio Cesaro despite some outside interference. We also saw The Bella Twins defeat The Funkadactyls with the help of some outside interference.

And it looks like Main Event will continue to stall, without any help from outside interference.

If you missed the show, or just want to go back and read the live blog again, click here.

To the reactions!

Hey! We got to see an actual match! It's been so long, I almost didn't mind that we had two commercials in the first ten minutes of action -- notice I said almost. Antonio Cesaro and Kane actually proved to be pretty strong dance partners. Kane is experienced enough to put on a good match, and Cesaro is quick enough and strong enough to make up for any physical limitations of his opponent. Watching "The Swiss Sensation" deliver a gutwrench suplex to "The Big Red Machine" was something of beauty. Kane is 7 feet, 300 pounds. He should not be tossed around like a bloody Cruiserweight. Yet there it was. I'm really impressed by these two working together, and would not hate if they come together in the future.

That being said, there are still some problems I had. First, there is no reason to have two quick back to back commercials to open the show. I understand that free television means having matches broken up. And since taking over play by play duty, I've grown to appreciate a well placed break. It helps with the pacing and allows the fans a chance to catch their breaths. But man, it just kills a match to have the momentum ruined like that. A damn shame.

Secondly, AJ Lee ran out to bother Kane and Daniel Bryan. Which makes sense, because her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler and bodyguard Big E Langston will be facing them for the Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 29. Kane was distracted before hitting the Chokeslam. Which makes sense, because wrestlers are stupid creatures. Cesaro took advantage with an uppercut and set up for The Neutralizer. Which makes sense, because he's a crafty heel and that is what they do. Then Kane wiggled free, hit the Chokeslam, and him and Bryan shared a "YES!" chant as AJ walked back up the ramp. This makes no sense, because Cesaro looks like a fool and there's no heat gained by AJ. It's probably a minor complaint, but it's one of those things that piss me off.

Antonio Cesaro does not have a match at WrestleMania. This is a fact that needs to be repeated until someone at WWE realizes this.

The second match of the night featured The Funkadactyls taking on The Bella Twins. All four ladies looked fantastic. One of them -- Naomi -- actually showed a lot of potential in the ring. With this being WWE, though, she saw the least amount of ring time. Overall, it was a fun match. It's certainly not going to win any awards, but I certainly appreciate what WWE is doing. A legitimate feud between Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins and Tons of Funk -- yes, that is the name Brodus Clay & Tensai are going with -- -- & The Funkadactyls. The heels picked up the cheap win when Cody Rhodes jumped on the apron, distracting Naomi and making her susceptible to a roll up. The faces will finally get even down the road, satisfying the fan's lust for justice. It's basic pro wrestling storytelling. It's just a shame the real talent -- Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, and Naomi -- are being lost in the shuffle.

You know what I don't care about? Sheamus hyping the tag team match against The Shield. This has been completely overplayed and over-saturated by WWE. We getting this on every show the promotion puts out. We all get it. The Shield is a tough force. Sheamus, Randy Orton, and The Big Show don't trust each other. Whatever will happen? I don't know! But I'm not going to find out until WrestleMania, so the little interview segments need to stop.

The recaps! Damn the recaps! I know it's a constant complaint, but it is ridiculous. We saw Jack Swagger's pair of attacks on Ricardo Rodriguez -- which was pointless -- Triple H's brief promo and kicking Wade Barrett in the "Barrage" -- which actually worked, because it lead into The Miz making their Intercontinental Championship match official -- and the entire "debate" between The Rock and John Cena. I can almost guarantee that everyone watching Main Event is a diehard WWE fan, and they've all seen the segment live. There is no reason to replay the segment all over again. It's pointless and insulting to the fans. Give Cesaro and Kane a few more minutes. Hell, squeeze a third match in there. Do something but waste our time. It's not appreciated.

All told, Main Event had a slight rebound this week. It's was nothing close to the greatness it once was, but at least we're getting back on track.

Grade: C+

What say you, Cagesiders? Can you appreciate WWE's Weds. night offering attempt to revive it's old glory, or is it simply not enough at this point? Let me know how right -- or how wrong -- I am in the comments.

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