The Rock Snubs WWE on "The Tonight Show"

Last night (3/21/13), I decided to watch, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" for some reason. The reason is most likely becasue he is being taken off the air and I thought it might be fun to tune in for nostalgia purposes as I frequently watched him growing up. I was pleasently informed that Dwane "The Rock" Johnson was one of Leno's guests for the night.

I was suprised how quickly that excitement turned to annoyance when I noticed that there was no WWE Championship title belt in sight. I watched "Dwane," if that is his real name, talk about clint eastwood. I watched and waited for him to at least mention his match with John Cena or his return to the WWE but it never happened. (Full Disclosure: I was very tired while watching so i may have missed it but I dont think I did.)

I wonder how the brass at WWE feel that there WWE champion who is being paid a fortune to cross-promote the WWE brand, didnt even mention them on "The Tonight Show." A show mind you, that is watched by millions every night. For The Rock to go on to such a heavily watched program and not even mention it or at least have the title really is a shame. He frequently misses t.v. tapings and does not attend house shows, a service for which he is paid hansomly, and he failed to follow through on the one redeaming quality of the whole situation. That would be showcasing the WWE while he promotes his movies.

Personally I find this unacceptable. How bout' you cagesiders? How do you feel about this situation?

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