Super Heel: My uneducated guess on why I think Punk beats the streak

So I'll start this off by saying that I picked up watching RAW again around the time of Punk's rise through the ranks. I happened to see his spot that started the chain of events leading in to the match against Cena at MITB. After MITB I was like "Holy shit I need to watch this more often." Since then I either watch what I can of RAW or read recaps. So I've got pretty good idea of what is going on post-MITB.

So if you're still with me, hear me out.

I understand fully what The Streak means. I watched WM even before Punk's rise just for the sake of enjoying it. I've seen a lot of Takers' matches in WM so I get the importance of it all.

Leading in to his latest match I thought he had an ok shot of losing to Punk for the sake of getting him over. Now with the Urn and the mocking of Paul Bearer's death it seems like Taker is setting up for a "revenge" victory. The sort of classic, disrespect leads to an ass-kicking story.

But then I've been thinking. If you want to send Punk over, like really really over, make him that super villain. Let him mock Bearer, have the Urn, get some serious heat on Taker. And still beat him. As a casual fan I'd be more swerved by something like that than seeing somebody mess up a Triple H/Lesnar match. You've got this guy now who totally disrespects somebody and still breaks the streak. It breaks in my eyes at least this perception that good is always going to win that kind of a match unless Punk were to cheat his way to victory. But if Punk beats the streak in a half-ass kind of way would that really send him over? You get that nice * next to the win. Have Punk win, hell, have him Tombstone Taker in to a victory if he can even pick him up. That would pop.

After WM Taker goes away for the year and comes back with Cena's storyline of "Worst year ever" because he let Punk beat him. He beats Punk and rides off in to whatever sunset Taker would ride in to.

Feel free to tell me I'm an idiot. I don't pretend to be an expert, but that's my guess.

-That being said, if I was betting actual money on WM I'd still have Taker winning.

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