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On this date in WCW history: Meet the Ravens

On this date in history, Monday 'Nitro' gave fans of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) a re-introduction to the character of Raven.

June M. Williams

Who is richer than Kanyon?

On the February 8, 1999, edition of Monday Nitro, fans of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) were re-introduced to the character of Raven, who was last seen as the depressed, brooding leader of Raven's Flock.

He went from Morrissey to Joey Abs in three vignettes or less.

Turns out he was actually a rich, spoiled kid from the 'Burbs, and Kanyon spent a good portion of Nitro following him around town in a badass convertible, all while meeting the rest of Raven's biological flock, including his "sister" (and former pro wrestling valet) Chastity.

A healthy dose of WCW silliness, in the vintage video below:

Probably not the most flattering segment, especially considering those too-close-for-comfort spots with Kanyon, but it sure as heck beats cleaning the bathroom stalls in the Nitro locker room, which is what Eric Bischoff was doing on the same episode to avoid Ric Flair's "breach of contract" stipulation.

Good times!

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