Uh oh? The Shield vs. Shenaback at EC (6-man tag)


Don't know if y'all already heard this or not, but I guess John Cena made it official on Monday Night Raw that The Shield will face himself, Ryback, and Sheamus at the Elimination Chamber in a 6-man tag match. I'm okay with this, but only if it's set up to be an "anything goes" brawl, like the TLC match. Expect Cena to get the pin, but it would be interesting if they let Shield come away on top and just had Cena play the "Ryback" role of this match -- i.e., just as the pin is being made, Cena comes charging to make the save, but is a second too late. The Shield escape with the victory while Cena stands tall in the ring. That's unlikely, as the WWE will want to make Cena look as strong as possible heading into 'Mania. So let's just hope he doesn't completely delegitimize them. Lastly, the promo in the video above is short and to the point. It was after the cameras were off, so no reason for John to ramble, I guess. Only thing I had a problem with was his mentioning of The Shield finally getting a "fair fight." Apparently John doesn't remember that The Shield were already in a fair fight at the TLC PPV, and they kicked ass. After all the work JBL did to put the fairness of that fight over, I don't like seeing John pretend it never happened. Other than that, I am actually looking forward to this match.