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WWE 'Main Event' Results and Live Blog for Feb. 6: Put me in the Elimination Chamber!

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Feb. 6, 2013) episode of WWE "Main Event"; featuring Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Damien Sandow, Daniel Bryan, Divas action, and more.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 6, 2013) at 8 p.m. ET on Ion Television from Jacksonville, FL.

This week's episode features Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus, Damien Sandow vs. Daniel Bryan, and Cameron & Naomi vs. Aksana & Tamina for some Divas action. The funkasaurus Brodus Clay will make a guest appearance on commentary.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog.



The C. J. here for some Wednesday night fun.

Broadcast is live.

Michael Cole informs us that Vince McMahon is recovering from his surgery.

Out comes Cody Rhodes.

Cody: "This show is turning out to be a complete farce"

He learned the word from his good friend Damien Sandow. It's nice that those two are still buddies.

Cody says that the Elimination Chamber Match is comical and ludicrous. Cody Rhodes has been waiting six years to become world champion. It's outrageous that only former champions have been invited to participate.

Instead of six former champions in the match, we have six failures.

And Cody has a chair! We have a good old fashion sit-in! He's not going to leave until Booker T comes down to the ring!

Cole informs us that Booker is no here, because this is Main Event. Even though it tapes on the same night as SmackDown.

I don't think WWE thought that one through.


Sheamus out to the ring to get this show on the right track.

Cody is not happy about this. He does his best Sheamus impersonation.

It may be horrible, but I love it.

Sheamus informs Cody that they have a match right now. Cody doesn't want to deal with Sheamus, he wants Booker T.

Sheamus ask him what would Booker T do

Oh lord. Sheamus does his Booker impersonation.

It may be horrible, but I love it.

Cody says he'll go higher than Booker. So Sheamus gives his best Vickie Guerrero impersonation.

It may be horrible, but I love it.

Cody says he has connections backstage, and there are people who owe the Rhodes family some favors.

Sheamus asks if he means he would go to the Chairman of the Board? Cody tells him that is exactly what he means.

This leads Sheamus to do his best Vince McMahon impersonation.

It may be horrible, but...actually I didn't like that one much.

Cody takes a swing and Sheamus, but the Irish fella punches back. Cody rolls out of the ring to steady himself before the match starts.


Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes

Cody is shoves Sheamus into the corner. Sheamus shoves Cody across the entire ring.

The pair lock up. Sheamus is able to hit a short shoulder tackle, which sends Cody rolling to the corner.

The two are about to lock up, but Cody with a kick to Sheamus' legs. Cody gets the headlock and brings Sheamus down to the mat.

Sheamus is able to get up and send Cody into the ropes. A series of shoulder tackles leave Cody reeling. He rolls under the ropes for a quick breath.

Back into the ring we go. Cody looks refreshed as he lands a series of kicks until the ref finally pulls him off.

Sheamus is able to take advantage with a flurry of punches. Sidewalks slam gets a two count.

Sheamus stays in control. He starts going to work on Cody's arm.

Cody is able to back him into the corner. A few elbows to the head breaks the hold. An Irish Whip is attempted by Cody, but it is reversed by Sheamus. Cody goes bouncing off the ringpost.

JBL: "This isn't soccer, it's not fixed!"

Oh Zeus, JBL is the greatest.

Sheamus with a knee to the head, which gets the two count.

Cody starts to come back, but a clothesline puts him back down. Sheamus tries to send Cody over the top rope, but Mr. Rhodes does a beautiful job of skinning the cat.

He looks very impressed with himself.

Cody ends up paying for it, though, when Sheamus comes over and starts delivering some Irish Hand Grenades

The action moves outside of the ring. Cody tries to send Sheamus into the ring post. Sheamus is able to counter and now it's Cody who is going spin first into steel.

We come back from commercial with Cody bouncing Sheamus' skull of the ring. He is in the ring as the ref starts the ten count.

Sheamus is able to roll back in at six. He is immediately met by Cody's pearly white boots. Stomp after stomp -- after stomp after stomp -- from the mustachioed one.

Sheamus is able to land a few punches to escape Cody's control. He tries to run the ropes, but is met by a high knee. Down to the mat Sheamus goes.

A nasty knee to the face by Cody. Only good for two.

Sheamus is able to get back to his feet. Cody charges, and is met with a swinging backbreaker.

Both men slow to get up. Sheamus hits a pair of double axe handles that send Cody sprawling. Sheamus climbing up to the top rop.

Cody with a beautiful running knee, knocking Sheamus from his perch! Only gets a two count.

Cody sets up to hit Cross Rhodes! Sheamus is able to reverse into a White Noise. The crowd is calling for it. They want it bad!

Sheamus delivers with a Brogue Kick. That gets a three count, and a win for Sheamus.



Damien Sandow is out to beg our indulgences. He he is not happy about what has transpired. He is disgusted that Cody Rhodes is not in the Elimination Chamber, and by the crowd cheering an Albino Irishman doing poor impersonations. So he will win this next match to honor his best friend.


Sandow: "That you for your irrelevant opinion!"

Sandow calls out the "Bearded Goat Face."

Recap of Daniel Bryan costing Kane a match on Monday Night Raw (Feb. 3).


Daniel Bryan vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow takes a wild swing, missing completely. Bryan uses the oppitunity to take advantage with a barrage of punches. A high knee

Across the ring Bryan goes, hitting the flying drop kick. Only good for two.

Bryan sends Sandow into the rope. Sandow is able to stop is momentum to kick Bryan in the goat face.

outside the ring

A running knee off the apron leaves Sandow sprawled out. Bryan drags him back into the ring


Kane coming out to the ring.

Sandow with the roll-up attempt

Bryan isn't having any of it! He kicks out at two, and lands kick after kick - after kick after kick to the kneeling Sandow.

Kane against sets off his pyro, and Bryan is bewildered.

Sandow takes advantage with a neck-breaker and that...gets a three count.

Sandow is your winner. I feel so conflicted.


Brodus Clay looking at the yummy desserts backstage.

Aksana walks up and tells Clay that his current dancers suck. Tamina is quick to follow and quicker to agree.

Tamina: "You needs real women like us. We can be sensual."

She then proceeds to grab a piece of cake and shove it in her mouth. She tries to have Clay lick her fingers, but he's feeling a little hesitant about it.

The Funkadactyls appear, and they are not happy! They tell Aksana and Taminia to back off.

Aksana: "Calm down, Kofi." just. wow.

The Funkadactyls are not happy about this. A short brawl ends with with Clay pulling his lovely ladies away and Aksana being covered in desert.


Raw rebound of The Shield facing off against John Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback.

Video of Cena booking himself, Sheamus, Ryback against The Shield on Elimination Chamber (Feb. 17) after Raw went off the air



The Funkadactyls, accompanied by Mr. Clay, come down to the ring. Clay asks the crowd if they are ready to see a great match.

And Aksana & Tamina come out of nowhere to attack Naomi & Cameron! There's insanity coursing through the Divas Division!

Cameron & Naomi vs. Aksana & Tamina

Cameron and Tamina to start things off. Cameron does a little dance to start off the match. I am not complaining.

Cameron with a pretty bad bulldog, which gets a two count.

Tamina crawls to the corner to make it back to her feet. Cameron charges, but Tamina is able to use the momentum to send her in the air and down on the turnbuckle.

Tamina with a pair of leg drops. She drags Cameron to the corner and tags Aksana.

Aksana digs her boot into Cameron's throat. The ref finally makes her break the hold.

Aksana is able to turn things around with a sidewalk slam. She does her sexy crawl over to Cameron and goes for the cover, but only gets a one count.

Cameron is able to make it to her feet. She sends Aksana into the post.

Cameron with the roll-up, but she only gets one.

Cameron is able to crawl over and tag in Naomi.

Naomi gets he shine with a headscissors takedown, a front flip clothesline -- don't ask me, I'm not really sure what happened there -- and a drop kick to Tamina, which sends Ms. Snuka flying into the barricade. Naomi sends Aksana out of the ring to join her partner.

Naomi stars using the ropes like she's a damn gymnast. Flipping this way and that.

It's actually quite mesmerizing.

She follows up her flair with a high flying attack on her opponents. She sends Aksana back into the ring, and climbs up to the top rope.

Naomi with a cross body, but only gets two.

Aksana gets back to her feet, but is met immediately by Naomi's boots. That gets the three count, and Naomi & Cameron are your winners.

Brodus Clay joins his Funkadactyls in the ring.

We fade to black with the trio shaking their damn things.