CHIKARA: 'While The Dawn is Breaking'

CHIKARA returns to my neck of the woods next Sunday, (Feb. 10) for their 'While The Dawn is Breaking' event at The Palmer Center in Easton, PA. Belltime will be at 4pET.

As soon as I could, I bought tickets...before I even knew what any of the matches on the card would be! CHIKARA has this special ability to guarantee a good show, no matter who wrestles on the card. But this one, has so many matches I am excited for and want to share with you. Here's the breakdown:

3.0 vs. The Young Bucks for the Campeonatos de Parejas

(CHIKARA's Tag Team Titles)




This match is probably the one I'm the most excited for, and usually that's the way you want fans to feel about your main event. This match gets me excited in every way, and here's why:

3.0 are what every Face tag team should strive to be, they're funny and can put on genuinely good matches. They are the underdogs you wanna cheer for, you want them to succeed and win.

On the other hand, the Young Bucks are the complete opposite, Matt and Nick Jackson are cocky and arrogant pretty boys -- so a perfect contrast to 3.0, because they are the perfect heels.

Why I Care

This match excites me on every level, I just can't wait to see it. But the biggest reason is, I think the Young Bucks will be huge stars in the future. Part of me feels they should already be in the big leagues of WWE or TNA chasing the tag team titles. There's also this small part of me glad the big two companies are overlooking The Young Bucks and this is quite the selfish reason...I get to see The Young Bucks in my hometown, and to some extent, an unfiltered version of the young bucks.

Eddie Kingston vs Kevin Steen




Eddie Kingston and Kevin Steen are two of the bigger-sized guys you will see on this card, and their styles reflect that. Both men are more hard-hitting and vicious, styles that standout on a CHIKARA card. Eddie Kingston is the Chikara Grand Champion and Steen is the current Ring of Honor World Champion. If that isn't enough to make things exciting, this is also being billed as The Final Confrontation.

Why I care

The World champions for two of the biggest indie promotions (ROH and CHIKARA) in America are facing off for their final confrontation in CHIKARA. If that isn't enough to make me excited, in the short amount of Kevin Steen matches I have seen, it seems having an off day for the guy is impossible. This match will probably end up being the best of the night, simply because both men can go. This match is sure to be the most physical as well, so to me therefore, it is one of the most intriguing.

Team Frightning (Frightmare, Hallowicked and Mike Quackenbush) vs. Jigsaw, Shard and deviANT




This is probably the match with the most backstory. Also, a match that, a year or so ago, no one would see coming. Quackenbush trained Jigsaw and, since the beginning of CHIKARA, they've been an inseparable team. More than simply being a team, the two of them were best friends who had each others back, no matter what.

Well, in 2012, Jigsaw turned on Quackenbush to help the Gekido. (The Gekido were masked men trying to unmask Jigsaw and the Colony.) More than that, the Gekido's attacks on the CHIKARA faithfuls were vicious, and done with ill intent. This brought out a side of Quackenbush never before seen, one who wanted to hurt the Gekido, not just beat them in matches, but hurt them badly.

Jigsaw had an idea, a theory of sorts: The Gekido weren't bad guys, they were just never really given a chance, and with proper guidance could be brought down a different path. This has put Quackenbush on opposite sides of many tag team matches as of late. Jigsaw siding with the Gekido and Quackenbush teaming with CHIKARA's faithfuls.

Why I care

This match has a great back story, not only that, every single guy in this match can go and have fantastic matches. For me this match, and all of Quackenbush's matches, mean something to me. I am hoping to join the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory after I save up enough money and finish getting in shape. Quackenbush runs that place and he's trained so many guys I like -- Chris Hero, Antonio Cesaro, Chuck Taylor, and many more. Beyond that reason, I am sure this match will be great, fast-paced and have some crazy spots.

The Colony (assailANT, Fire Ant and Green Ant) vs. F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor, Icarus and Sugar Dunkerton)




Both of these teams were created by a bizarre decision made by CHIKARA's Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur; assailANT was added to the Colony and Sugar Dunkerton was added into F.I.S.T., and both teams have been dysfunctional since being put together.

Although, in their last appearances as teams, the Colony seemed to finally have accepted assailANT, while Sugar and Icarus bickered, and have seemed to make little progress in terms of forming an actual team.

Why I care

The Colony are one of the best acts in CHIKARA and are a group impossible to hate. I love them. But, on the other team, is Chuck Taylor -- my favorite wrestler in all of CHIKARA. So, although I love The Colony, I'm gonna be pulling for Chuck Taylor to win, and to maybe see the return of a Chuck Taylor grenade.

For the rest of the card visit While the Dawn is Breaking and be sure to let us know if you are excited about the event or have any thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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