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Precap to the Feb. 27 episode of WWE 'Main Event', or Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes (again)

Previewing the Feb. 27, 2013 episode of WWE "Main Event", featuring Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Justin Gabriel, AND MORE!

Cody! Sandow! Breakups! Heartbreak! I! Will! Always! Love! You!

It's been just about a full month since Team Rhodes Scholars officially parted ways on the Feb. 1 episode of SmackDown. The pain simply by speaking the name is almost too much to bare. It feels as if there was a hole where my heart is.

A hole that only a few certain someones' enchanting facial hair could fill.

It's time to finally admit that Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are never, ever, ever getting back together and start to move on from the pain. If they are happy, then I should be happy for them.

So how far have they gone since deciding to pursue their solo careers?

Let's just say I've seen better runs after a hard night at the bar.

Cody is one for seven, with the sole victory coming against Kofi Kingston (Feb. 8). Which, if we're being honest, shouldn't even count. The man has submitted to Alberto Del Rio (Feb. 4) -- no shame in that -- Brogue Kick to hell by Sheamus (Feb. 6) -- it happens -- and ate a pinfall from R-Truth (Feb. 25) -- that one is a little sad. Cody has lost thrice to The Miz (Feb. 11, 15, and 22), although one of them was via Antonio Cesaro being awesome.

Which is a perfectly acceptable way to lose.

Sandow has had a little better run, starting "strong" with a no contest against Sheamus (Feb. 1) via The Shield's interference. He picked up a win against Daniel Bryan (Feb. 6) before losing to Del Rio (Feb. 11). Sheamus would get his revenge on the Feb. 19 episode of SmackDown, moving Sandow to 1-2-1 as a soloist.

That's not all that great, is it?

It should be noted that Team Rhodes Scholars made a one night only apparence at Elimination Chamber, eating a loss against Brodus Clay and Tensai. Yes, the unstoppable heels lost to a pair of fat men who have been teaming for about two weeks.


The question remains what the hell WWE is doing with with Cody and Sandow individually. I wish I had faith they would be pushed to the moon coming out of the WrestleMania season. I just have zero confidence they won't continue to get lost in the shuffle.

And it's a damn shame, too. They could have been great as Tag Team Champions. And now it seems they will suffer in midcard purgatory for a lifetime.

In! Tonight's! Action! Bullet! Points! Mini! Spoilers!

Note: All matches are based on reports from last night's (Feb. 26) taping. The endings will not be given away, but there may be slight spoilers. The card is always subject to change.

  • Sheamus will take on Cody Rhodes for the big match of the night. We can all guess how it will end, so hopefully the match itself will be fun to watch.
  • In our second match, Mark Henry will face Justin Gabriel. Will the little fella be able to fall the giant? Maybe!
  • Finally, we will get a fun interaction between the mustachioed one and everyone's favorite Diva -- that actually competes.
Hopefully this has prepared you for the night's festivities. Leave a comment below about what you are looking forward to, and please join the entire CSS Wednesday night gang in the live blog TONIGHT!

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