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Slapstick Saturday wants you to CHANGE THE CHANNEL

If the ECW crowd starts chanting for you and you are not (or have never been) an ECW wrestler, chances are you're in big trouble.

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Professional wrestling fans can be a fickle bunch.

When Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) was taken behind the woodshed and shot in the head, it was expected to live in infamy as the ultimate counter-culture promotion, responsible for producing a litany of bona fide badasses, talented wrestlers and all-around cool dudes (and dudettes).

Not on Vince McMahon's watch.

The ECW brand, like Family Guy when it was originally taken off the air, became something of an industry martyr -- and you didn't think Vinny Mac was going to let another promotion enjoy its glory, even if it was posthumously, did you?


ECW would live again under the control of Vince via the SyFy channel.

But what fans got was not the ECW they remember. Sure, the geography was the same, but this repackaged redux was about as genuine as Coy and Vance Duke. Fans didn't like it and if you think you're going to pawn off a cheap replica at the Hammerstein Ballroom, home of several original ECW events, you better think again.

The ECW crowd positively kills the match-up of Big Show vs. Batista. First, the highlights (with subtitles).

Now, the full match.

Ouch. You just had to know Paul Heyman was somewhere off camera creaming his pants.

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