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WWE 'Main Event' results and video playlist (Feb. 20): Gauntlet, schmauntlet!

In case you missed any of WWE "Main Event" on Feb. 20, 2013, here's a short video playlist of the main parts of the show, as legally released by WWE on their YouTube channel; featuring Big Show, Titus O'Neil, Justin Gabriel, Brad Maddox, and more!

In case you missed any of last night's (Feb. 20, 2013) episode of WWE's Main Event, here are the videos WWE has made available legally on its YouTube channel in one handy-dandy playlist. There are currently only three videos for your viewing pleasure this week, but we will update your playlist if any additional segments are ever made available.

In order, if you'd like to skip ahead:

  1. Big Show's Gauntlet Schmauntlet (Show vs. The Uso Bros, Brodus Clay, The Great Kahli, in that order)
  2. Titus O'Neil vs. Justin Gabriel: try to save the show
  3. Beautiful Brad Maddox: WWE has entered a Bradical new era

There was a Gauntlet that was attempted by Big Show, that went on far too long and made the Show suffer overall. In the meantime, the Titus O'Neil vs. Justin Gabriel match, the commentary throughout the show, not to mention the all too brief interview from the lovely Brad Maddox -- almost made up for the unfortunate deviation from the norm.

Enjoy! (sarcasm intended)

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