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WWE 'Main Event' results and reactions from last night (Feb. 20): Well It's the Big Waste of Time

WWE 'Main Event' returned last night (Feb. 20, 2013) with a series of Gauntlet Matches from The Big Show, a brief interview from Brad Maddox, and a strong showing between Justin Gabriel and Titus O'Neil.

now that.... that's BRADICAL!
now that.... that's BRADICAL!

WWE Main Event returned last night (Feb. 20, 2013) with The Big Show running through four opponents before being scared off by The Miz, a wonderful interview with the lovely Brad Maddox, and a quick match between Justin Gabriel and Titus O'Neil.

It was a bad show, folks. Really, really bad.

To the reactions, I guess...

  • This show sucked.

  • No, really, this show sucked.

  • There's not much more to say than how bad this show was.

  • This show really [explicit] sucked.

  • You want specifics? Fine.

  • The Big Show is an amazing athlete. But he's still 41 years old and 440 pounds. It's unfair to ask him to run through The Usos, Brodus Clay, and The Great Khali -- unless they are quick as lightning squash matches. Which these were not. He's just not going to be able to hold up, and the lack of stamina showed.

  • Hey, an Usos sighting! Must mean four more weeks of winter.

  • Brodus Clay is just not able to put on an entertaining match right now. The hoss fight works when you have Show, Sheamus, Mark Henry, or someone else who understands how to pace the match. Clay is not one of those guys. Let him destroy the little guys and dance around in the ring. Because I do not want to see him in another match like this -- for a long time.

  • The Great Khali was in a match. A little part of me dies every time I have to write that.

  • The Miz was the man who finally ran The Big Show out of the ring. I have been wrong with Miz and Antonio Cesaro literally every step of the way, and it looks like I might be wrong once more. If Miz and Show will be battling it out, this means Cesaro's United States Championship is safe. If there is anyone that can save Miz's career at this point, I have to believe Show has the best shot.

  • Brad Maddox was on my screen for a little over a minute and a half. It was the most glorious 95 seconds of my day. I look forward to the Brickie -- Brad + Vickie -- Era.

  • Justin Gabriel and Titus O'Neil had a great segment backstage. Gabriel could be the perfect underdog face that fans can get behind, and Titus is killing it in his promos. From calling Gabriel, "my little pony" to the line, "Talkin' bout you're Africa. (slaps wrist) I'm African!" It's a horribly racist thing to say, but it worked extremely well coming from him. It was a smart way to play with race relations. And it makes me want to see Titus get his ass kicked. That's good heelin'.

  • Gabriel and Titus ended the show with a solid match. Except for the fact that the whole thing was probably five minutes long. They should have been the stars of last night's show. Instead, they were segregated to the back burner. Just an absolute waste of amazing talent.

  • The show ended a few minutes early so we could get a sneak peak at The Rock's new movie, Snitch. Because that is exactly what I wanted to see.

All told, this was a depressing outing from WWE. Main Event is my break from the crap WWE usually feeds us, but last night failed to prove any type of escape.

Grade: D

I came real close to failing the entire show. Luckily Gabriel, Titus, and Maddox were enough to barely bring the grade up. What a waste of prime-time television, though.

So what say you, Cagesiders? Were you as disappointed in the show? Or am I being too harsh on WWE's hump day offering? Let me know how right -- or how wrong -- I am in the comments.

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