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WWE 'Main Event' Results and Live Blog for Feb. 20: Elimination Chamber fallout continues

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Feb. 20, 2013) episode of WWE "Main Event"!


WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 20, 2013) at 8/7 CT on ION Television from Biloxi, Mississippi; with just one match on the show last time, this time for the fallout show from this past Sunday's (Feb. 17) live pay-per-view (PPV) event, the Elimination Chamber... we get not one... not two... but count 'em...


This week's episode features Michael Cole accompanied by The Miz at ringside. Appearances by Big Show, The Uso Brothers, Brodus Clay, The Great Kahli, Justin Gabriel, Titus O'Neil, Matt Striker, some footage of Vickie Guerrero and the adorable Brad Maddox.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog, which will start right below this line...



The C. J. here for some Wednesday night fun, Cagesiders!

WE ARE LIVE, FOLKS! Well, live from a taped show.

Okay, shut up. Main Event is on!

Michael Cole and The Miz at ringside -- with a Superstar covering on the announcers table. Miz is hyping up his victory over Antonio Cesaro on Monday Night Raw.


The Big Show is pissed! He yells at the guys in the back to shut off his music. He knows that "they" are showing stills of his loss at Elimination Chamber, and he does not like it.

Show: "There is nothing funny about what happened to me!"

Show places the blame squarely on the shoulders of Booker T. The SmackDown General Manager is jealous, so he is making Show looking like a joke.

He proceeds to call out the entire locker room, stating that none of them can keep up with him. Show also looks at Miz, and tells the little guy that he wants no part of this.

Out come The Usos to challenge the giant!

The Big Show vs. The Usos in a handicap match

The Usos are quick to double team Show. The are quickly separated, though, and Show goes to work on Jimmy -- or maybe Jay?

A pattern quickly emerges. Show throws a few punches at one, then the second one jumps on his back. Show turns around and delivers a headbutt, then the first one jumps on his back.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

Jay -- or possibly Jimmy -- is thrown out of the ring. Show lays out Jay -- or it could be Jimmy -- and goes for the splash off the tope rope...

And he eats mat!

Both Usos in the ring now. They try for a double suplex....

And they keep trying....

And they keep trying....

And they hit it!

Show slow to get up, but he quickly eats a double superkick. The pair drop a double elbow, then climb to the tope rope to deliver a pair of splashes. They go for the double pin.

Show tosses them off at two.

Show sends Jimmy -- but maybe Jay -- over the tope rope before delivering a nasty should block to Jay -- but it could have been Jimmy.

Show sets up one for the chokeslam, before the other Usos comes flying off the turnbuckle. Which was silly, because Show caught him by the neck.

A double chokeslam by Show and he is your winner.


The Big Show vs. Brodus Clay

Not a second to breath and down comes Clay to the ring.

The big men are slow to engage. They lock up before Show finally pushes Clay off. Again they circle, and again they lock up. Clay now is able to push Show off.

Again they circle. Show is calling for a feat of strength. He raises his hand in the air. Clay reaches up to meet him...

And he meets Show's punch to the gut.

Clay is able to fight back with a series of left-rights to the body. He backs Show up into the corner and goes to work with the high knees. The reg finally pulls Clay off.

Clay tries to go back to the well, but is met with a hard right by Show. The former champion chokes out Clay with the tope rope.

Show calls for the giant chop. He swings downward...

But Clay is able to block it! Clay with the headbutt! The Funkasaurus is fighting back!

Show is having none of it, though, and sends Clay flying through the ropes.

We come back from commercial with Show dominating Clay with a flurry of punches.

Show: "Is that what you do? Make these idiots smile!"

Clay is crawling on the mat as Show continues to play a game of cat and mouse. Show goes to work on Clay's arm with a pair of stomps and a shoulder lock.

Clay is slowly able to make it to a vertical base. He launches a series of rights and lefts that send Show into the ropes. A headbutt leaves Show dazed ad stumbling into the corner.

A corner splash by Clay. A second corner splash by Clay.

Clay goes boucing off the ropes...

And eats a superkick from Show.

Show is still dazed. Clay manages to recover and drop Show to the mat.

A huge running splash by Clay! He goes for the pin!

Only gets a two count.

Show makes his way back to his feet using the turnbuckle for help. Clay tries to go back to the well with another corner splash...

And eats a WMD for his troubles. That gets Show the three count.

The Big Show vs. The Great Khali

It's that time of week, Cagesiders, where we play...

"What would C.J. rather do than live blog a Great Khali match!"

This week, C.J. would rather watch every Twilight movie back-to-back with every ex-girlfriend I've ever had. With no potty break.

Thank you for playing...

"What would C.J. rather do than live blog a Great Khali match!"

Khali with the early advantage. A clothesline from Khali sends Show rolling out of the ring for a breather.

We come back from commercial with Show having turned the tables on Khali. Show digs his knee into Khali's face before launching a series of lefts and rights.

Show tries to deliver the corner splash -- a popular move tonight it seems -- but Khali gets the big boot up. Khali is able to hit the big dome chop.

Show rolls out of the ring for a breather, but Khali is "quick" to follow. He sends Show into the steel steps before finally sending the big guy into the ring.

Khali tries to follow, but meets a WMD.

The ref reaches a ten count, and The Big Show is your winner.

The Miz standing up and announcing that he will be making his way into the ring. He takes off his suit jacket and goes flying into action.

A flurry of punches by The Miz. Show tries to fight him off, but the little gnat keeps coming.

The Miz runs to ropes and delivers a drop kick to Show's knees. Miz proceeds to bounce around like a 6-year old on a sugar rush, landing high kick after high kick.

Show is forced to roll out of the ring. He tries to climb back up, but one more high dress shoe by Miz keeps the giant at bay.

The Big Show makes his way up the ramp, his head hanging in shame.


Recap of The Rock revealing the NEW WWE Championship on Monday Night Raw! And I kid you not, they had angles singing when he lifted the cover. Because the new belt descended from heaven, apparently.


Recap of Vickie Guerrero revealing the Assistant (to the) Managing Superviser, and Vince McMahon calling out Paul Heyman for a fight.


A Tout -- WWE is still pushing that -- of Vickie talking to Brad Maddox. Waste of 15 seconds.

Backstage with Brad and Matt Striker. Brad is asking to fix the tv, the straighten the curtains, do all sorts of Assistant Managing Superviser things.

Striker tries to correct him that his the Assistant to the Managing Superviser, but Brad has far better things to talk about.

Brad Maddox is very excited to be a part of this NEW era. This era will be greater than the McMahon-Helmsley Era, and The Atitude Era.

This is the Brad and Vickie Era.

The Brickie Era.

He has a lot of plans for the future. A lot of secret agendas, hidden agendas, all sorts of agendas. Like Vince vs. Heyman next week on Raw.

Striker tries to inform him that match was already scheduled. Brad is adamant that it was a "Brickie idea."

Cole and Miz stare in stunned silence.

C.J. is at home laughing his ass off.


Jack Sagger and Zeb Colter with their hate propaganda.


Backstage with Justin Gabriel and Stiker. Striker asks if he is worred about Titus O'Neil.

Gabriel: "Titus doesn't intimidate me."

Here comes The Big Deal himself! He's taking over this interview.

Titus: "Talking about how you African. (slaps arms) I'm African!"

Holy crap they actually made that joke.

Gabriel tells Titus the only thing he has to say is "450" and leaves.

Titus looks at Striker, and says "450" is the number of ways he'll beat Gabriel.


Justin Gabriel vs. Titus O'Neil

Gabriel perched on top of the turnbuckle to start the match. He eventually drops down and unleashes a flurry of smart kicks.

Titus is able to stop the assault with a high knee. A body slam sends Gabriel bouncing off the mat.

"The Big Deal" is not enjoying the crowd's boos.

He sends Gabriel into the corner and delivers a series of shoulders.

He then proceeds to boo at the fans.

Titus turns his attention back to Gabriel, who has recovered enough to get a boot up. He sends Titus rolling out of the ring to catch a breather.

No rest for the weary, though! A drop kick through the ropes sends Titus reeling backwards. Gabriel follows it up with a dive over the top.

Gabriel is fired up!

We come back from commercial with Gabriel and Titus going at it. Gabriel goes flying off the ropes and goes for the monkey flip. Titus is able to keep his balance, though, and toss Gabriel to the mat.

A huge boot sends Gabriel flying out of the ring.

Titus follows Gabriel to the outside

Tits locks Gabriel up in bear hug. Gabriel tries to fight back with a few well placed 'bows.

Titus is having none of it and transitions into a backbreaker. He proceeds to toss the little fellow backwards over his head.

That's damn impressive.

He goes for the cover, but Gabriel manages to kick out at two.

Gabriel crawls to the corner and pulls himself up. Titus gets in a three point stance and charges, hitting the -- you guessed it -- corner splash.

Titus tries to go back to the well. Gabriel is able to roll out of the way and Titus eats unforgiving steel.

Gabriel to the tope rope. He goes flying, but lands on his feet after Titus moves. He turns around...

And meets a nasty clothesline by Titus.

He goes for the cover, but only gets two.

Gabriel tries to roll under the bottom rope. Titus follows him and keeps him on the apron.

A sharp kick to the dome from Gabriel, and Titis falls to the mat.

To the top rope we go! Can Gabriel do it?

He can! 450 Splash! That gets the three count, and Gabriel is your winner.


A special look at The Rock's new movie, Snitch


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