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CSSGTTT Results: Harlem Heat Advance to the Second Round

The majority of matches so far in our first round of the latest CSS Pro Wrestling Championship series, the new tourney for greatest tag team, have proven to be total squash matches, Cagesiders. Take a look at the results from yesterday's (Mon., Feb. 18) match up...

CSSGTTT: Updated Bracket for Round 1, Day 7 results from Monday, Feb. 18 - 2013
CSSGTTT: Updated Bracket for Round 1, Day 7 results from Monday, Feb. 18 - 2013
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Straight from our Cageside Features Section we bring you the results for our fourth CSS Pro Wrestling Championship Series of tournaments here at Cageside Seats.

As our second week of voting commences, we have results in for yesterday, our seventh day of match ups -- and it was another slobber-knocker. (Unless you think 54 to 5 could be referred to as anything other than a dominating massacre.)

Without further ado, let's see who you, the Cagesiders, have helped to advance victoriously towards being crowned the Greatest Tag Team of All Time:

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Be sure to vote in the next match up of the CSSGTTT: (6) APA vs. (11) The Dream Team. Voting will be open in the comments of the new match thread right up until midnight CT-USA today; as we continue narrowing down our field of 64 to determine who CSS believes to be the Greatest Tag Team of ALL TIME!

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