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Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling: Feb. 10 to Feb. 16 - Elimination Chamber and Lockdown hype

Catch up on all the results from WWE and TNA television shows with the seventh Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling of 2013!

This was the week that Jack Swagger got a new xenophobic mouthpiece in Zeb Colter.
This was the week that Jack Swagger got a new xenophobic mouthpiece in Zeb Colter.
Photo by Shamsuddin Muhammad of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

Hello, Cagesiders! Welcome to the seventh Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling of 2013!

What happened last week? Find out below, Cagesiders.


Raw (Feb. 11th)

  • The show began with a lengthy Paul Heyman monologue where he tendered his WWE resignation fearing that Vince McMahon's hatred of him would be taken out on CM Punk. Of course, Punk talked him out of this rash decision.
  • Mark Henry pinned The Great Khali with the World's Strongest Slam. After the match, Henry hit his finisher on Hornswoggle too.
  • Backstage, Booker T announced that Mark Henry had been given a spot in the Elimination Chamber match. Chris Jericho wanted to be put into the chamber too. Booker said if he could beat Daniel Bryan in a match later, then he would have his wish.
  • Back at work, Paul Heyman asked Vickie Guerrero to add a stipulation to the WWE Championship Match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Vickie said she couldn't without Vince McMahon's approval, who just happened to call Vickie at that exact moment. Surprisingly, Vince granted Heyman's stipulation that if The Rock was disqualified or counted out, then Punk would win the title.
  • Chris Jericho pinned Daniel Bryan with the Codebreaker in a great match.
  • John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback squashed 3MB when John Cena pinned Jinder Mahal with the Attitude Adjustment.
  • Backstage, Big Show knocked out both Alex Riley and Yoshi Tatsu with the WMD on the way to the ring for an interview with Matt Striker, who also got walloped with the WMD when he started to ask Show a question. Show was so angry with Alberto Del Rio he couldn't even say a word and after a couple of minutes just left.
  • Jack Swagger with new manager Zeb Colter (Dutch Mantell) submitted Zack Ryder with the Patriot Act. After the match, Colter cut a nationalist militia promo.
  • Booker T was impressed leading to Swagger being given a slot in the Elimination Chamber match. Now Dolph Ziggler wanted back into the match too. Booker decreed that the winner of Kane vs. Ziggler would be given the last spot.
  • The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes by disqualification when Antonio Cesaro laid The Awesome One out by swinging him into the guard rail repeatedly.
  • Brodus Clay & Tensai defeated Primo & Epico when Tensai pinned Epico with a senton.
  • The Shield called out their opponents on Sunday. Eventually the lights went out and when they're turned back on again, Cena, Sheamus and Ryback were attacking them. The babyfaces kicked the heels asses until they managed to escape through the crowd.
  • Alberto Del Rio submitted Damien Sandow with an armbar.
  • Backstage, Bo Dallas ambushed Wade Barrett before his match with Kofi Kingston.
  • Wade Barrett pinned Kofi Kingston clean with the Bull Hammer.
  • Kane pinned Dolph Ziggler with the chokeslam when AJ Lee's attempted distraction backfired.
  • The Rock went a long time telling jokes about his past experiences in Nashville. Finally, CM Punk and Paul Heyman came out, so Rock turned his attention to building their match at Elimination Chamber. Once his spiel was done, Punk sprinted to the ring and started brawling with The Rock. Rock got the better of the fisticuffs until Heyman tripped him up, allowing Punk to hit the GTS and steal Rock's WWE Championship belt.

NXT (Feb. 13th)

  • A match was supposed to happen between Mike Dalton and Axl Keegan, but they're interrupted by Paige chasing ring announcer Summer Rae out of the ring. Paige threatened to hold up the show unless she got a match with Rae. NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes came out and instructed the referees to remove Paige from the ring. Rae returned to talk smack behind Dusty's back, which led to Paige charging at her and a pull apart cat fight. In the altercation, Paige hurt her left arm.
  • Corey Graves submitted Alex Riley with an inverted figure four leg lock.
  • Now Dusty grants Paige her wish of a match with Summer Rae.
  • Summer Rae pinned Paige with a spinning round house kick.
  • Sasha Banks is delivered yet another note from her secret admirer.
  • Oliver Grey and Adrian Neville defeated The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) to become the first NXT Tag Team Champions when Neville pinned Harper with a corkscrew shooting star press.

Main Event (Feb. 13th)

  • The show kicked off with the return of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel. His guest was Alberto Del Rio. Jericho is a friend of the family's, but vowed to win the Elimination Chamber and beat Del Rio for his World Heavyweight title. Dolph Ziggler interrupted a Spanish squabble between the two babyfaces to remind everyone he's Mr. Money in the Bank and that he plans to cash in the briefcase before WrestleMania 29. Del Rio wanted to shut Ziggler up personally, so we get a match between the two.
  • Alberto Del Rio submitted Dolph Ziggler with a cross arm breaker in a strong TV match.
  • The show ended with a basic Paul Heyman promo who had the WWE belt with him and put over the stipulations in the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view main event.

Superstars (Feb. 14th)

  • Justin Gabriel pinned Titus O'Neil with a 450 splash.
  • Kaitlyn pinned Natalya with a spear.
  • We started off with a Big Show promo saying that Alberto Del Rio doesn't have what it takes to pin him and his fury would be unleashed in their match together at Elimination Chamber. This led to Jericho confronting Big Show to let him know that he would be winning the Chamber match on Sunday, after plugging the upcoming debut of the Robot Fighting League on SyFy, a show he hosts. Smackdown GM Booker T then made his expected opening segment appearance to book a match between the two.
  • Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton by disqualification when Orton hit Henry with a steel chair to the gut. However, Henry then managed to rip the chair out of Orton's hands and laid him out with the World's Strongest Slam again. He then cut a backstage promo about how no-one, will stop his road to WrestleMania in the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday.
  • Tamina Snuka pinned Layla with the Superfly Splash.
  • The Rock cut a promo making fun of CM Punk for stealing his WWE title belt. Punk and Heyman interrupted via the Titantron telling Rock that they were just taking back what was rightfully their's, as Rock had stole the belt from Punk at the Royal Rumble. Rock told Punk that he needed to learn that he's a spoiled little boy standing in the way of a steamroller of a man.
  • Brodus Clay & Tensai defeated Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater when Brodus pinned Mahal with a big splash. After the match, The Shield took out both babyfaces and then did a promo hyping their showdown with John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback on Sunday.
  • The Miz submitted Cody Rhodes with the figure four leglock.
  • Jack Swagger submitted Zack Ryder with the Patriot Act. After the match, Zeb Colter did a promo putting over himself and Swagger as great patriots and real Americans.
  • The Big Show pinned Chris Jericho with the WMD. The show ended with Alberto Del Rio staring down Big Show from the ramp way.

Saturday Morning Slam (Feb. 16th)

  • Justin Gabriel pinned Heath Slater with a 450 splash.
  • Sheamus pinned Cody Rhodes with the White Noise.


Impact Wrestling (Feb. 14th)

  • Hulk Hogan announced a series of matches for later on to determine the number one contender to Jeff Hardy's TNA World Heavyweight title at Lockdown. They were Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm, Christopher Daniels vs. Magnus, Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries. Whomever impressed him the most would get the title shot. He also booked a cage match for Lockdown where Sting would lead a team of three other men to face Aces & 8s.
  • Magnus pinned Christopher Daniels with a top rope elbow drop.
  • Bully Ray complained to Brooke Hogan about his quad injury laying him up and costing him a chance at winning a TNA World Heavyweight title shot. But instead of letting it get him down, he was going to take Brooke on a Valentine's Day date. In a bad sign, Brooke had to remind him to wear his wedding ring.
  • Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe ended in a double disqualification when Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco attack both men. But they didn't have the upper hand for long and were quickly sent packing.
  • Gail Kim, Tara & Jesse defeated Party Marty & The Blossom Twins when Kim pinned one of the twins. Afterwards, Kim told Tara that she wanted her TNA Knockouts title back and called out Brooke Hogan to get her to book the match for next week. Instead, Brooke booked a four-way elimination match with Miss Tessmacher and Velvet Sky as the other competitors.
  • James Storm pinned Rob Van Dam with a superkick.
  • More Joseph Park not understanding insider terms shenanigans.
  • Brooke Hogan pleaded with her father Hulk Hogan to give her husband Bully Ray the TNA World Heavyweight title shot at Lockdown.
  • Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries ended in a double count-out when they were distracted by Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez and neither man could make it back to the ring in time.
  • Hulk Hogan came out to make his big decision, but before he could make up his mind Aces & 8s surrounded the ring. Bully Ray and Sting drove them all off. Hogan never made the announcement regarding who had won the title shot, so were left with a cliffhanger ending.

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