Is HHH/Taker vs Punk/Lesnar the best option for Wrestlemania?

As Elimination Chamber approaches tonight and the build for Wrestlemania takes focus the WWE seems to be in a bit of a tricky situation. Everybody knows Rock-Cena 2 will headline the card and we are all puzzled as to what happens with CM Punk. Coming off a hot year ideally he would have cast iron WM plans at the top of the card but uncertainty over the health of the guy he has been expecting to face has made his future uncertain. I would like to offer a solution. On Raw Lesnar makes an appearance and HHH returns to confront him over what Lesnar did to his Father-In-Law, this leads to an altercation which brings out Heyman and Punk to have Lesnars Back. At some point this week or maybe even next the Undertaker returns to even the odds and we get a tag match heading into Mania. This helps solve a lot of problems, Protects the Undertaker and gives Punk the high Profile match he deserves after the year he has had.

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