Cagesider FanFic: The Geek Goddess and I, Chapter 6 - All is fair in love and Mario Kart

A.J. Lee has no idea the depths of adoration some of her fans are willing to go to... even writing fanfic featuring her in the lead role... - By Sgt. Jessica M. Kuhn [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Once we unpacked and settled in, I had a surprise for the lovely AJ.

“I brought you something.” I reached into my backpack and pulled out a Nintendo Gamecube.

“Are you ready to get smoked on Mario Kart?” I asked.

“Aww. You are so confident. Please don’t cry when I beat you ten times in a row.” She teased.

“Funny. But that’s not all.” I got out my IPOD with two small speakers, “I made you a playlist. Plenty of 12 stones, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park ,Jimmy Eat World, Story of the Year and few 80s songs thrown in for good measure.”

“Yay! How sweet of you. My favorites .Let me change and we can Kart out all night. ” What a nerd. but her smile melted my heart.



She returned in an Eddie Guerrero shirt (the Scarface design one), sweatpants and glasses. “Wow, nice shirt. How long have you had it?”

“Quite awhile. This is actually number 2. First one got wore out like 3 years ago. Eddie is all time favorite and this shirt is kind of a good luck charm. I always take it on the road with me.”

“And sweatpants. Your lack of effort to impress me actually impresses me.“

“Well good because I own way too many and I wear them whenever possible”

“Do any have text on the butt? Like juicy or sexy?”

“Oh God no. That’s horrible.”

“So do you steal my thoughts like Jean Grey or is it more like a Vulcan mind meld type of deal?”

She laughed at possibly the dorkiest question ever asked.

“No. I prefer to invade your dreams while you sleep. Much easier.”

We hooked up the game and begin an epic Mario Kart war. It was back and forth. Suddenly, it was very late and with the score tied, sudden death was invoked.

“This is it. All the marbles. I think I have been nice enough to you, now I am playing for real.” AJ taunted.

“Hold on. Time out. I need a snack.” I went back to my backpack and got out king sized Milky Way.

AJ glared at me as I unwrapped it.

“A Milky Way?”

“Mmmmm my favorite.” I took a big bit and chewed it slow. I scooted closer to her. “Want some?” I put it close to her face.

“You do know that I ate like a case of those in an eating contest and have been traumatized ever since?”

“I had no idea.” I feigned innocence through a mouthful of Milky Way.

“Well if I puke, I am aiming at you.”

We played the final race. Neck and neck on the last lap, so I took another big Milky Way bite.

“AJ! Look!” I yelled as I chewed

AJ looked at me and I showed her a mouthful of partially chewed Milky Way.

“Oh my god!” She dropped the controller and turned away.

Princess Peach crashed and Luigi took the checkered flag.

“Yes! I win!”

“Not cool. That was low. Like I can’t believe you did that.”

“Cheat to win. Now who is the evil genius?”

“Im not playing. Im really upset.” She looked hurt.



Uh-oh. Went too far. I knelt down in front of her and my hands on her thighs.

“Oh. Well I was just messing with you. Thought it would be funny.”

She looked at me. “It wasn’t. At all.”

“I am sorry, babe. I don’t want you to upset you.”

She started cracking up.

“I cant take it anymore. You’re too sweet. “she started laughing.

“Hey. No fair. You cant use your acting skills against me.”

“You deserved it, Mr. Milky Way. But you called me “babe” thats a good way to get off the hook.”

Still kneeling before her, I took her hands and became instantly lost in her big, adorable brown eyes. Time seemed to slow down.

I slight rose up to her for a kiss. A real kiss. Our first kiss. As I moved in, our eyes closed seemingly at the same time.

Our lips met and it was unlike any other first kiss I had ever experienced. In fact, it was not a like a first kiss at all.

There was no tentativeness, no awkwardness, no hesitation. It was familiar, it was home, it was what we all look for.

As the kiss deepened, I felt like we were rising off the floor. Suddenly, she pulled back.

“Wait. Wait. Stop.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked as brushed her cheek with my hand.

“Nothing. Nothing at all, and that kind of the problem.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think I am falling in love with you. And I hope you feel the same way.”

“Yes. Of course. You’re amazing. You’re everything in a woman I have ever wanted.”

“That makes me soooo happy. I am not saying I don’t believe you but I think maybe we would should sleep on this. Keep things slow. “

“I understand.” I said without a trace of dishonesty. I DID understand.

“Well we should get some sleep.” Said AJ

“I guess I will take the floor.”

“No way. It’s a king size bed and I don’t take up much space. It will be fine.”

“If you say so. But no dream invading.” I extended my pinkie.

She locked it with her pinkie. “Ok. No dream invading. Tonight.” A sly smile on her face.



I slept lightly. It was tough. The most beautiful woman in the world was sleeping two feet away from me. And we had just shared an amazing first kiss. I managed to drift off.

I woke up again. And realized AJ had moved. She was curled up right next to me, like a cat. I sighed and kissed her forehead. Contentment. I fell back into a restful and deep sleep.

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