Turn Ziggler Face Right Now!

Dolf Ziggler is a great heel. Hell, I hated him for nearly his whole WWE career. However I cannot deny that he is a,gazing at his craft. I believe he is on the same athletic level as Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk. Not to mention he sells more then the Apple store on the morning that the new iPhone comes out. His shtick is getting old though, and he needs a change. Something new, something edgy. . . A face turn. I have no doubt he would be just as good as a face, as he was as a heel. The smarks are already on his side, and would easily get chants going in the crowds. Him and AJ could be one of the best WWE couples, ranking up there with The Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth.

I believe that his face turn should come at the elimination chamber. You may ask how this could ever happen, and I have the answer:

You start off with The Big Show winning the title, however it was a very hard match and he is barely able to walk. He screams to the crowd holding up the title. Out of nowhere Big E runs out of the crowd and attacks Big Show, eventually leading to Big E Lifting Big Show up and hitting his finisher (which would be an amazingly incredible feat in which I would love to see) Then BAM! Zigglers music hits and he comes down with a ref holding the briefcase. Ziggler pins Show and gets the 123, winning the WHC. AJ comes into the ring and kisses Dolf while Big E picks him up on his shoulders and starts walking around the ring celebrating.

Then all hell breaks loose. Big E slams Ziggs and starts beating the shit out of him. This leads to AJ jumping in Mr. E's face and screaming, asking why? Why Big E Why? Then she slaps him, which leads to Big E hitting his finisher on AJ. It fades to black as Big E hold the title in dolf face screaming "YOU DONT DESERVE THIS!!!!!"

this all ends up with a fatal 4 way match at Wrestlemania with Dolf Ziggler, Big E, Big Show, and Albertooooo del rioooooooooooooooooooooooô!.

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