Rancho King breaks down WWE.Com's Top 10 list- Most Dateable Superstars and Divas

Tommorrow is Valentine's Day (yuck)and recently posted their “Top 10 Most Dateable Superstars and Diva”. The list is 100% kay fabe, so I though I would add a little “shoot” to their list.

DISCLAIMER: the following is based rumor, speculation, innuendo and outright lies. The author is only an expert on his own opinion.)

10- Dolph Ziggler

Currently seeing- No one/unknown

Notable exes- Comedian Amy Schumur, who famously broke up with him because he was “too sexually athletic”.

Also dated Maria, Nikki Bella (currently with John Cena) and indy wrestler Shelly Martinez

Is he dateable? Sounds like it. Schumer gave it up to him real quick. He seems like a really smart guy, I have read that when Christian, Tommy Dreamer and him traveled together they talked the whole time about all things.

9-Alicia Foxx

Currently seeing: She has been with Wade Barrett since 2010, its been one of the most low key relationships in WWE land.

Notable exes: Jack Swagger?

Is she dateable? Honestly, I know so little about her that it’s hard to say. But being with Barrett long term is a plus.

8-Alberto Del Rio

Currently seeing: Married for the last 9 years to a non-wrestler.(lower right corner)



Notable exes: Unknown

Is he dateable? Again, its hard to say. He does seem like a nice guy, although his best friend is Drew McIntyre.

7-AJ Lee

Currently seeing: No one. Though it is quite the topic of speculation and fantasy

Notable exes: Jay Lethal, Trent Barretta

Is she datable? YES.YES.YES.

6- Batista

Currently seeing: No one. (he is single, ladies!)

Notable exes- Melina, Rosa Mendes, Kelly Kelly, Rebecca Di Petro (E! host)

Is he dateable? Batista on this list has to be an inside joke. Where to start? Twice married? 44 year old grandpa? Steroids?

How about basically cuckholding John Morrison with Melina? The whole thing allegedly played out like “im a main eventer so I can have your girl.” Bad form, Dave.


Currently seeing- unknown

Notable exes- unknown

Is she datable? She certainly is cool by association Ugbghmm_medium


But I could not find anything about her personal life.

4- The Rock

Currently seeing: Lauren Hashian



Notable exes: married for 17 years to alleged fraudster and competitive bodybuilder Dany Garcia. Dsc_0387_gbtvsfpsbp_medium


Is he dateable? As much I largely dislike him oncreeen, I can’t find much “dirt” on him. Feel free to prove me wrong on this one.


Currently seeing: engaged to Mike Bennet

Notable exes: CM Punk Carlito, Dolph Ziggler

Is she dateable? I say she is second only to AJ. Seems very sweet. And if she can make a man do this she must be doing something right.

2- John Cena

Currently seeing: Nikki Bella

Notable exes: Layla, Mickie James, porn star Kendra Lust

Is he datebale? No. By all accounts he is a good guy backstage. But he has cheated on his wife. And has been racking up the headboard notches since the divorce. Perhaps Nikki has tamed him (for now).

1-Trish Stratus

Currently seeing: married since 2006 to her high school sweetheart, Ron Fisico Notable exes: None

Is she dateable? Yes. The fact that she left WWE to get married says a lot about her commitment to Mr. Fiscio.

The only reason to leave Daniel Bryan off is becasue this stupid list was kayfabe.



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