Mid-Week Fantasy Booker: The Shield vs Mediocrity!

I just spent 20 mintutes typing the worlds sadest, most pathetic, and lonely fantasy booking post in the world. Then I realized its about fantasy so I started over again. Fantasy is supposed to be fun, light-hearted, and hopefully not include a lot of bondage. Unless your into that sort of thing which is totally fine. Totally.

Look, I try to enjoy the current product. Lord knows I get to rewatch all the good bits from Raw over and over again on Main-Event, Smackdown, and any other WWE programing I watch. I'm not opposed to watching classic entertainment repeatidly. Hell I've seen "Knucklehead" 47 times. But I have the internet and I can rewatch it online. Its all very easy to see on the WWE youtube channell so I dont want it taking up half of Smackdown. I'd rather see that time used effectivly and showcase midget wrestling again. Does anyone else remember when WWE did that on Smackdown? That was a real thing.

Sometimes I enjoy the recaps more than the actually live show do to the always awesome WWE production department. They can really class up a turd when they want to. I'd love to see what they could do with the professional bowling or table tennis.

Now you may be thinking when the hell is he going to do that fantasy booking mentioned in the title. To that I say "When I think of something good while I type this mess." On that note I think I have something.

Sadly It looks like The Shield's match is going to be a standerd match. Its a shame really, I believe that would have probably been the best match on the card. Perhaps thats why they didn't do it. We cant have the young up-and-comers upstaging the part-timers now can we.

WWE has put a lot of there big eggs in this basket. Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback need to look strong so The Shield will need to do something dirty to get the pin. Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns all wear those badass swat style vests. So far they have been all style no substance. I say lets change that. Make the vests like there proverbial bat-belts. Have them carrying tools to use in there mathces. Mace, handcuffs, brass-knuckles, etc.

This would be something different and the things they use could change and evolve. It would give them an even bigger sense of unpredictability. WWE has already established them as able to get the job done physically. Now it's time for them to evolve so they can stay entertaining. After all, Justice isnt free and neither are Pay-Per-Views.

Before the match I would have The Shield ambush one or two of there three opponets backstage and weakin them prematch. In the match itself I would have it go pretty back and forth for some time untill The Shield starts using there tools while the ref is distracted. Maybe Reigns hit sheamus with the Brass Knuckels or Rollins Sprays Ryback with mace to blind him.

Basiclly I want something more out of this match then the standard six-man tag match. This match is loaded with talent. So much so that the its almost overwhelming trying to figure out a way for the big 3 Babyfaces to look strong but also put over the Shield. I am equally excited for this match as the actual chamber match itself. Had it been in the chamber it could have been legendary. Maybe it still will be. After that amazing TLC match I wont ever doubt The Shield ability to shock and amaze me.

So what do my fellow CSS brethren think? lets talk it out Bro.

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