Last pre-chamber wrestlemania predictions

Wow have some things changed over the last few weeks. Cm punk akmost died according to ppl, super avengers justice league saves wwe lesner and cesaro attempt to destroy miz, the tag champs are fighting...each other and tensai is now a funkaceratops.Must mean its Wrestlemania season so heres my pre EC predictions for the grandaddy of them all.

Wwe Title: The Rock vs John Cena - The most unanticipated rematch ever was bound to happen. Cena wins.

Streak for respect: Undertaker vs Punk- 'Respect' the condition of being esteem or honored. Punk starts to cut promo after ec...Gong your in takers yard boy. Taker wins but there will be a moment where the streak looks over.

I got ur brock fella grudge match: Brock Lesner vs Shaemus- Everyone knows Shaemus is HHHs boy and he has no direction post shield. Shaemus wins.

Big gold belt: Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho- Del rio has been fun but for the blue brand everything is about Ziggler cashing in (iwc pops) and Jericho winning chamber. Ziggles wins.

Int Title: Wade Barruh vs Bo Dallas- Post chamber they bring back the cup Bo wins and looks like hes on a rookie winning streak great story that gets Bullhammered. Barruh wins.

Us Title: Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz- Love this feud Cesaro shows off strength Miz gets some much needed grit added to character oh and a red white blue belt to promote movie. Miz wins.

Tag Titles: Team Hell No vs The Shield- THN had been at each others throats and shield needs to stay relevant after justice league beats them at EC. Shield wins.

Feed him the biggest: Ryback vs Big Show- Shellshocks biggest dude on roster huuge pop. Ryback wins

Border patrolling match: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger- Racy storyline to add some uumph to ppv. Swagger picks up dirty win.

Somebody gonna get a heel turn: Mark Henry vs Randy Orton- Oryon eliminates Henry at EC Henry destroys him after. Henry "injures" Orton at Mania so he can get proper heel turn. Henry.

Pre Rock Show: 3MB BAYBAY vs wwwyfunkasai- Ryder and Dinosaurs win.


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