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On this date in WWF history (Feb. 12): Justin Credible returns to create 'X-Factor'

Justin Credible left WWF as a jobber, built himself up in ECW and returned to Stamford to form "X-Factor" on this date in pro wrestling history.

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On the February 12, 2001, edition of World Wrestling Federation's (WWF) Monday Night RAW, Justin Credible, who was last seen under Vince McMahon as "Aldo Montoya" (and part-time jobber), returned from his successful run in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) to save X-Pac from a beatdown at the hands of Chris Jericho.

And "X-Factor" was born.

Theme song? "What 'Chu Lookin' At?" by Uncle Kracker. Finishing move? "X Marks the Spot" (Double superkick). Useless third wheel that creative had nothing for? "Albert."

The group had moderate success, but Credible joined "The Alliance" in July, and the faction dissolved in October when X-Pac got injured and Albert teamed up with Scotty 2 Hotty.

See Credible's return on RAW, in the video below:

X-Pac vs Too Cool 2-12-01 by arms6290

Any Cagesiders out there have fond memories of this short-lived faction? And did anyone else have a chuckle at watching Credible haul ass to the ring, only to have an inordinate amount of trouble getting himself into it?

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