ADR vs. Henry: A Seriously Good Idea

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In my time on Cageside Seats, I've made my numerous controversial opinions noted to the best I can articulate them. Of these, the absolute most controversy I've generated with any idea, is with my opinions on the latest WWE Mark Henry push; as well as my opinions on Henry in general.

Personally, I have nothing against Henry. By all accounts, he's a stand-up guy. I just hate seeing WWE put so much work into pushing a 40+ hoss who consistently stinks up the card, doesn't draw, and perpetually injures himself when the same energy's better served on at least a dozen other guys.

That said, Henry looks like a lock for the EC victory, and him winning the match to face Del Rio at 'Mania is the best booking decision WWE can run with.

No, I'm not joking. Even though I'd prefer to see Del Rio up against anyone else in the Chamber match, Henry's still the guy I want to see win at EC.

You can stop checking the sky for debris, the reason I want this is entirely consistent with everything I've said before. Even though I didn't want Henry to have yet another huge push back in 2011, WWE already gave it to him, and booking anything I want to see WWE run based on changing decisions they've already enacted isn't any more valid than booking Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit's vengeful ghosts for 'Mania XXIX.

Henry beating a bunch of people and being fucking huge gave him legitimacy as a heel in the eyes of the audience, whether he deserves it or not is irrelevant.

That legitimacy can be used to help Del Rio move up in a big way: not because Del Rio's someone I like, which he is, but because he's still a 30+ year old, and has lots of time and potential to draw money, especially from the Latino market.

Mark Henry's still has plenty of heat from steamrolling Orton, Kane, Khali, Hornswoggle, and Big Show that just can't be given to anyone else on the roster in only two months. He's also 41, and could suffer an injury that puts him off the shelf at any second. If he doesn't face Del Rio, who does he face that's both a believable challenger, deserving of the win, and a boom to the ailing Latino market like Del Rio?

Rey-Rey's still great, but he's in bad shape. Misti-Cara's bombed pretty badly. Eddie's dead, Chavito's suffering a fate worse than death, and Chavito sucks. Epico, Primo, and Hunico are jobbers. Hernandez is in TNA, doesn't speak Spanish, is really old, and totally blows. Batista's still out of the WWE, and even older than Hernandez.

Del Rio's the best seed WWE has to stay alive in the Latino market anywhere in the world, and his face turn needs all the big wins it can get to keep this lucrative market alive, shine Del Rio's star, and eventually expand to the next generation of Latino draws.

I still don't want to see any more Henry matches. I still think his push was a stupid idea. But pro wrestling's about more than just the ravings of one internet smark, it's about doing the best you can with what you have. WWE has a well fed Mark Henry, and a star they've saved from the trash in Del Rio. It's about time they used them.


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