The JBL & Cole Show, or the one with THIS guy...

The JBL and Cole show - screen shot via YouTube

So, there's this guy on the show this week:


via one of the greatest rock songs EVER.

Right now the aforementioned show is doing a "SuperStar Search", in which WWE Superstars and Divas try to show their talents outside the ring.

Last week's round had Zach Ryder singing "that song" versus Tony Chimel reading his resume. This week's round has Rosa Mendes displaying her TOUTs as a talent, with her opponent being Sandow. (Warning: Rosa comes out first, and the viewer might wonder if JBL is still married; after this segment ends.)

As for the song that Sandow used as inspiration:

"Lola"- The Kinks (via FlameofSuzaku)

This week's episode is after this. (Sandow comes in at the 4:40 mark.) He says "Start the clock" (at the 4:46 mark) and Rosa starts to lose her mind. (by the 5:00 mark.)

Again, enjoy:


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