Dear WWE, Listen to what the kids are saying...

On a daily basis, I have the pleasure of working with some amazing kids, nine and ten year-olds. A few of them just so happen to be WWE fans. Here are some of their thoughts on the current state of WWE, and its superstars:

The Rock:

"I can't believe he just came in and took the title." -- Exact quote.

Actually, I was surprised by this. Another kid gave an uninterested, "ehh" when I asked him what he thought about The Rock. I guess the corny name-calling isn't getting over with the kids, either.


Love him. They actually compared him to Stone Cold -- obviously because he's bald and they have no idea who Goldberg is. They love chanting "feed me more", so the catchphrase is doing its job.

CM Punk:

Split on him. So, I guess even kids can't help but root for him as a heel. One kid said, "he whines and gets help from The Shield too much". Another said, "he's the best wrestler." -- So kids actually do appreciate and recognize good in-ring skills.


LOVE him. Seriously, most of the kids are in agreement that he's, "awesome". One kid doesn't get the hype (same kid who likes Punk). They love beating their chests and chanting "Brogue".

Damien Sandow:

Definitely over. Even before the Rhodes Scholars were formed. Had a kid calling himself, "the intellectual savior of the masses" to the other kids one day, maybe a month or so after Sandow's debut. However, I watched the Royal Rumble with a bunch of people in their mid to late twenties who only convene to watch the Big Four PPVs, and they thought he was a complete joke... from his theme music, to his move set (The Elbow of Disdain), to his attire.

Team Hell No:

The "Yes!" and "No!" chants are ridiculously over, even with kids. I know they're supposed to be heels, but they're definitely faces -- everyone agrees that they're awesome. Someone even mentioned, "they didn't know Kane could be so funny".


That's it for now. I thought it was interesting to see how the "E's" key demographic was 'taking' to some of their top Superstars. The biggest surprise for me, was definitely their negative perception of The Rock, and how closely it mirrors our perception of him. They see through his act and know he's only back part-time, so they don't want to get behind him.


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