Daniel Bryan's Cageside Evaluation

Krystal Bogner via Wikimedia Commons

Really good stuff today Cagesiders, let's get right to the evaluation.

  1. In-Ring Work - This is BY FAR the biggest love about Daniel Bryan. Nearly everyone mentioned this, and it's clear you all enjoy what he does inside that ring. Words like "best in North America" or "in the world" were used multiple times over. The man is a master in the ring and we are all privileged to watch him work.
  2. Intensity - This sort of went with the in-ring work, but it's a joy to watch his fluffy-haired head shake when he pumps up the crowd. Everything he does looks that much better when he's yelling and flying constantly around the ring.
  3. Professionalism - He has done everything right with how he's been treated over the past couple years. Whether it's a comedic tag team, rocketed to the main-event, or working with new talent. You guys appreciate that he takes it all in stride.
  4. "Yes!" Chant - I'm actually surprised more people didn't mention this, but yes, yes!..YES! We all love that damn chant.

Favorite love comment goes to pulsaroflove - "Like: Everything"



    Okay, so the guy is really....really good, but there must be something to loathe, yes?

    1. Promos - It's not so much that they are bad, but for multiple reasons you guys think he needs work. Whether he's a one trick pony, lacks intensity, tries too hard, or too much comedy that hurts him as a serious contender. Much like the in-ring work, this was a clear #1.
    2. Position on the card - This really isn't any fault of his, but he's so up and down on the card. It's obvious that he's main-event level talent, yet Creative just can't keep him there in the story lines.
    3. Beard - Some feel it's holding him back as a serious contender, could use a trim, have to say I agree.
    4. Edge/Attitude - He's super intense, but some have a tough time believing he can take down anyone in his way. He just doesn't have that edge like a Stone Cold or HHH (I'll leave the bury gifs to you guys).
    5. Too much sarcasm - I think the overarching theme with Daniel is that he's gone a bit too far into a comedic character. This is mainly in promos though, when he gets in the ring the intensity/seriousness goes off the charts. Maybe he just needs to find a middle ground to balance everything out.

    Best loathe comment comes from jsims2 - "I hate his look. He’s also suffering from what happens to a lot of Raw and Smackdown guys, his matches have become pretty repetitive. His mic skills aren’t great either."

    Last, but not least lets check the poll! Out of 198 votes, Mr. Bryan's average was a 4.6! DAMN! That will be tough to beat. 8 people voted him a 1...for shame.

    Thanks everyone, enjoy Raw! Hint for tomorrow? Well, I know they have a King's love.

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