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Slapstick Saturday: John Cena trades in his broski for a hoeski

Back in Feb. 2012, on a "very special episode of Monday Night RAW," Kane was continuing his berserker shtick by brutalizing Zack Ryder, terrorizing Eve and setting up a throwaway feud opposite John Cena.


For those of you who follow along each week with Total Divas, I'm sure you'll join me in wishing the ladycentric reality show was on the air for this little gem.

Nikki Bella having to co-exist with Eve after she locked lips with John Cena?

Yes please.

Alas, it was not meant to be, but this angle is still hilarious, mostly because of its rigid execution. I particularly enjoyed the part when Eve is forced to leap from the (idling) ambulance into Cena's arms, rather than just simply step down using that little two-tiered bumper thingy.

And somehow, Kane fails to notice his cargo leaping to safety as he speeds away. Where the heck was he going in an ambulance with the lights flashing and the sirens blaring? Perhaps the same ditch where the Wyatt family left Daniel Bryan?

No matter.

The important thing is, Cena and Eve got caught up in the moment, like Jack and Annie at the end of Speed. The only problem was that Eve had a budding romance brewing with Zack Ryder, and had to sit idly by in his wheelchair as his broski swapped spit with his hoeski.


In the end, the entire program was a train wreck, but in a good way, because it gave us so many hilarious moments across the span of two months, some intentional, others unintentional.

Like this:


And even better, this:



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