Hi, My Name is: The Miz

Hey Cagesiders,

So it's the end of the year and my fiance has to do a self-evaluation for her yearly performance at her job. It's a time to really figure out what she's doing well and what needs improvement. So I thought this would make for a good discussion about the wrestlers that we watch all year. Let us uber-critique an individual and maybe try to pinpoint what they are great and terrible at doing. I want people to get as snarky (yet factual) as possible.

Air your number one guilty pleasure and pet peeve!

Once enough people respond, I'll try to pick out what is the best and worst trait of whoever is in the hot seat, and will leave it in the comments. Also, don't worry if you have the same answers as others, the point is to figure out a common denominator for the wrestler.

So the two questions for you are:

What one thing do you consistently enjoy about the Miz?

What one thing do you consistently loathe about the Miz?

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