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Free preview of Mick Foley's WWE comic book

The comic they told us about is almost here, and they're giving us a sneak peak ahead of next Wednesday's release. Find out more and see what we think of the latest meeting of two similar pop culture art forms.

WWE announced it's latest foray into the four-color world of comic books this past summer at San Diego Comic-Con.  The company has partnered with Papercutz to release a monthly book and a quarterly title, aimed at younger fans.  The Mick Foley-penned first issue of the monthly series is due out on Wednesday, December 11th.

We'll have a review for you here at Cageside, but in the meantime, WWE is offering a ten-page free preview at their website.  Here's their description:

Welcome to Titan City, a metropolis where everyone's hiding secrets and there's no one to trust. In a corrupt world where everyone is looking to cash in, three larger-than-life combatants collide. John Cena's been framed for a crime he didn't commit. Randy Orton's on the verge of achieving city-wide power. And CM Punk is determined to bring the whole corrupt system crashing down. From the scheming south side to the barren desert no man's land where even the law refuses to go, the powerful factions of Titan City are locked in a battle for control in an unforgettable noir landscape. Featuring AJ Lee, Sheamus, The Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, and more!

As someone who was hoping for a more "reality era" approach that blended a fictional depiction of the actual wrestling world with one-off true stories from the boys and girls, this return to the same kind of "What If?" or "Elseworlds"-type story that wrestling comics always turn into is a bit disappointing.

That said, what's in the preview is well-rendered and could be an interesting noir story starring WWE characters.  But hopefully they stop trying to find reasons for lawyers to stand in wrestling rings.

I'll wait until I have the whole, $2.99 US, 32 page comic in my hand before I pass down final judgement.  I'll still be getting mine.  If you need to know where to get yours, you can find a retailer in your area at Comic Shop Locator.

Anybody else picking this up?

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