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Cageside Seats Year-End Awards: Daniel Bryan crowned 'Wrestler of the Year'

The Cageside Seats Year-End Awards have crowned Daniel Bryan the "Wrestler of the Year" for 2013.

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The year Daniel Bryan had in 2012 was good enough to earn him "Breakout Wrestler of the Year" honors in the first annual Cageside Seats Year-End Awards. He kept that momentum going all throughout 2013 and had himself a strong enough campaign that you Cagesiders voted him the "Wrestler of the Year".

It's well deserved.

Bryan spent the early months of the year working the mid-card with his tag partner Kane in Team Hell No. Sure, the two of them weren't headlining but they were consistently the most entertaining act on whatever television show they were on at any given time.

Then, mid-way through the year, he broke away to do his own thing and prove that he has what it takes to win the WWE championship. He did just that, though it was taken away multiple times during his months long program with The Authority.

Throughout all this, he was easily the best wrestler as far as in-ring work is concerned.

That's why he is the 2013 "Wrestler of the Year".

Here are the full results of our poll:

  1. Daniel Bryan (243 votes)
  2. CM Punk (34 votes)
  3. John Cena (24 votes)
  4. Heath Slater (19 votes)
  5. Goldust (18 votes)
  6. Antonio Cesaro (17 votes)
  7. Dean Ambrose (12 votes)

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