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On this date in WWF history: Jake Roberts slaps Elizabeth on 'This Tuesday in Texas'

Jake Roberts' rivalry with Macho Man Randy Savage was one for the ages. But he took it to an entirely new level on this date in WWF history when he slapped Miss Elizabeth at This Tuesday in Texas.

On December 3, 1991, Jake Roberts was pinned by Randy Savage in a psychology-filled bout at World Wrestling Federation's (WWF) This Tuesday in Texas, a rare weekday pay-per-view event that from a ratings perspective, bombed harder than Beaver Cleavage.

While the finish was standard fare, the post-match fallout was anything but.

That's when Roberts went from heel to mega-heel, bombing the "Macho Man" with three DDT's and slapping the shit out of Elizabeth, who threw herself in front of "The Snake" to protect her fallen man.

While it might seem tame by today's standards, where women can get powerbombed through tables, this was pushing the envelope in 1991 and Roberts, by his own admission, was inundated with death threats following the program.

Anyone else remember watching this in disbelief?

And how disappointed were you that with all the faces backstage (Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart), the only "run-in" Savage could get was from WWF President Jack Tunney?

Here's a good clean video of the match and some of the post-match fallout from WWE, though it cuts off before the big angle:

And you can skip to 14:20 of the video below to see what WWE cut out of the footage they released today:

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