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Ryback's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Ryback, and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about him. Here's the full evaluation.

Okay, time to check out what you guys thought of "The Big Guy!" First off...what you loved.

  1. The Look - He's got that presence the WWE just loves in a wrestler. Plays the big guy role really well. Looks like he could tear anyone in half.
  2. Passion - You guys thought it was clear the guy loves what he does. He tries his best to entertain, in the media, the ring, and on social media.
  3. Improvement - He's not the best at anything, but his overall skills have gotten better both on the mic and in the ring. He's always trying new things to see what will stick, whether it's a chant, phrase, or hand-motion.
  4. "Feed Me More!" - It pales in comparison to a "Yes!" chant, but he eventually got the crowd all saying this phrase during his initial face run. Come on you know you want to do it! Feed! Me! More!
  5. Twitter - He has one of the most entertaining Twitter accounts going. Solid with the jokes or trolling the fans any chance he gets. Unfortunately they look to be all deleted at the moment...

...and the award for best comment goes to! Jonathan Loesche - "You can see he has been putting in the work to get better in the ring. He’s never going to be a great (or even very good) ring technician, but with the right dance partner he can put on a legitimate match. Knows how to get the most out of a limited moveset. During his initial run, he connected well with fans and managed to get himself over despite all the Goldberg chants."



Now to what you guys loathed.

  1. Promos - A whole lot of "meh" with his promos. Some of you guys liked them, but a majority did not. They are usually boring, make no sense, or awkward, this was an easy #1.
  2. Ring Work - He has a painfully limited move-set and the amount he botches really hold him back. He's dropped and hurt too many people for the amount of time he's been wrestling. Ryback really needs to lock it up in this area. "Lock it up! You lock it up!"
  3. Needs Help - He is another wrestler who needs a solid partner in the ring to pull off a good match. If he has to carry it? Forget about it. Ryback does have the ability to put on main-event level matches, but only with the top wrestlers in the company.
  4. Booking - He was pushed to the moon, over with the crowd, and was in main events very early on. That all suddenly disappeared and he sunk to the mid-card, now tagging with Curtis Axel (ouch). Plus he started as a face (which worked!) and for whatever reason they changed him to a heel. The crowd loved cheering for him, and Creative took it away!
  5. "Bowlie" Segments -They are bad.

Favorite comment for this section goes to Bish Bash Falls - "He’s still just an over sized meat-head who needs a good partner or opponent to make him look better. I like his improvement, but that’s going from the bottom rung of the ladder to the third rung; it’s improvement, but it’s still not terribly convincing. Also, him and Axel are the antithesis of interesting. Also, him being a sheer-power-move-only guy is not all that interesting, when the roster has guys like Big E, Roman Reigns or Luke Harper who are similar size, but far more nimble."

Looking at the poll with 143 votes, Mr. Ryback's average score is a 3.1. Pretty average grade, but I think if he can tighten up some of the negatives, this score could easily go up in the future.

Real quick I wanted to thank all you guys for the continued support with this series and saying how much you've enjoyed reading it. Due to this support Geno has given me Author status on cSs, thanks Geno! I've been on cSs for over 2 years, and it is really cool to be on the Masthead now, woo!

Since tomorrow is Sunday I will do the weekly recap and poll update, until then!

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