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Slapstick Saturday: Batista massages Eddie Guerrero, steals his tortilla and sends him for a rectal exam

Latino Heat? Sounds like some sort of medical affliction. Better call Dr. Brownthumb!


Former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Batista will make his return to professional wrestling next month on Monday Night RAW, so it is our duty to look back at some of his slapstick moments inside (and outside) the squared circle.

Put away those Mark Henry backflip GIFs!

We can do better than that, which is why we'll start with the immortal words of the late Eddie Guerrero:

"You scratch my back, and I'll take one on the back for you."

That was a message from Guerrero, who saved Batista from an ambush by Mr. Kennedy, though I'm pretty sure he didn't mean that in a literal sense, which is how it was interpreted. As a result, "The Animal" had a private doctor brought in to jam a thumb where the sun don't shine.

When it comes to physicals, better to err on the side of caution.

These two were working a short-term program together not long before Guerrero's untimely passing and it managed to produce some hilarious vignettes, as Batista played the straight man to "Latino Heat's" funny guy. Skits included stolen tortillas, uncomfortable massages and the aforementioned penetration.

See for yourself:

Good stuff.

What direction Creative plans to take for Batista's return remains to be seen, but I think it's safe to say that even at 44, he can be successful when paired with the right talent. Then again, Guerrero could make anyone look good.

That said, who do you want to see "The Animal" work with upon his return?

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