Batista's Cageside Evaluation

Gage Skidmore at Wikimedia Commons

Okay friends, what did you think of Batista? First the pros...

  1. Heel Work - In particular his time just before he quit the WWE was some of his finest work. D-Bag was probably the best way to describe how he acted. Also "inner Hollywood Rock" was a good way to describe him. He was given the mic a lot more during this time and was actually entertaining! "I......QUIT!"
  2. Charisma - He may not have been the best talker, but he had a way that always entertained. Whether it was in comedy segments, facial expressions, or cutting a promo, he usually could get the crowd going.
  3. Physique - He was exactly what the WWE was looking for in terms of size. You guys also used the terms "look" and "presence" that I included here.
  4. Intensity - Loud music, machine gunner pose, fireworks, toss the grenade (or whatever that move was at the end), and finally...rope shake! The man had a cool entrance.
  5. "The Animal" - Great nickname, and it fit him perfectly. I'd have to watch the new promo again, but I wonder if they will stick with that nickname.

My favorite reply goes to Geno Mrosko - "He was a good heel at the end of his run, though you’ll hear that everywhere. He also had some great mannerisms and was good at the little things. When they scripted him to do comedy bits, he actually made me laugh."

Now to the cons...

  1. Help Me - He was not the best in the ring, but if he had someone who could consistently put on 4+ star matches, things went very well. If it was another average wrestler, well, you saw the botch gifs in the comments.
  2. #BackstageProblems - He had some very public issues with Booker T and Melina that painted him as being a jerk. He probably is, but for someone who got a late start in the wrestling business, maybe he didn't know all the rules and etiquette (eh...probably a jerk). It will be interesting to see how things go if he sticks around for awhile.
  3. Botches - He was not known for being consistent with his moves. I honestly had forgotten about how bad he could be until I read through your guys comments.
  4. Mic Work - He originally was more of the silent type, and then when he got the chance to speak, it was pretty boring and scripted. It took him literally until the end before he got interesting on the mic.
  5. He is living in a PG World - He's made it pretty known that he doesn't like the current product. It will be interesting if he can exists within it and still be interesting. I'm hoping he pushes the boundaries as much as possible since he probably doesn't need to be in the WWE.

Comment king goes to Superdestroyer#11 - "Loathe: The backstage shit like starting a fight with Booker T or having more dance partners than CM Punk. While we try to separate the person out of the ring from the guy in the ring, he seemed like Warrior 2.0, getting a monster push early in his career and letting his ego get the better of him with when dealing with older talent. Yes, he rose to the occasion, but I feel he got there because he was HHH’s boy and he may have gotten some favoritism. While that type of relationship happens in the business all the time, he comes from the long line of muscular guys who get to jump a head by judging a book by it’s cover."

Now to that magical poll! With 79 votes Mr Batista's average score is a 3.7. A lower poll total so this could change by the end of the week, we shall see.

Tomorrow I want to do an inactive wrestler, but don't know who to go with. So the first three Cagesiders to respond with who they want to see, I'll pick one, go!

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