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On this date in WWF history: Chris Jericho plays Grinch for Kurt Angle and his family

Kurt Angle and his family treat the WWF audience to a litany of Christmas Carols ... until Chris Jericho decides he's heard enough.

Pro wrestling fans tuning into World Wrestling Federations's (WWF) Monday Night Raw on Christmas day (December 25, 2000) had the chance to fill themselves with the holiday spirit courtesy of Kirk Angel Kurt Angle and the entire Angle clan.

Who better to sing Christmas Carols than an Olympic gold medalist and his kin?

Well, apparently Chris Jericho wasn't feeling any of that holiday cheer and came out to put a stop to a very Angle Christmas, which fans may or may not have been paying attention to considering the epic cleavage from the post-op billion-dollar princess, Stephanie McMahon.

See it all play out:

Something about Y2J and Angle playing off one another always made for some pretty entertaining television. How about it Cagesiders, pretty decent sketch for a throwaway episode?

Anyone have a better pro wrestling Christmas story they'd like to share? Perhaps a favorite wrestling-related toy under the tree?

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