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On this date in WWE history: Alberto Del Rio's finest moment

"I swear it's a bazooka!"

Yes, it's been just one year since this moment occurred but it was far and away the finest moment of Alberto Del Rio's pro wrestling career. It happened in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight on a special Christmas themed episode of Monday Night Raw on this date in history (Dec. 24, 2012) against John Cena.

Whilst Del Rio and Cena were battling up the ramp and to the stage set up littered with Christmas gifts, Del Rio's manager at the time, Ricardo Rodriguez, began finding "weapons" for "ADR" to use. He stumbled upon one box, brought it to Del Rio, and proudly asserted a bazooka was waiting inside.

Instead, Del Rio was greeted by a teddy bear.

His reaction to this is brilliant but it's what he does immediately after that cements this as the finest moment of his career. Just watch and see:

A full year later and it's still so damn amazing.

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