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Cageside Seats Greatest Moment Tournament Complete Round of 32 Schedule

Find out when the match-up your looking forward to most shows up on the schedule.

The first round of the Cageside Seats Greatest Moment Tournament is officially in the books and while there were plenty of predictable results with most of the higher seeds advancing, there was an upset or two to shake things up.

Even so, the real fun is about to start with the pretenders weeded out and the contenders primed to knock each other off.

Let's get right into the complete schedule for the Round of 32:

Sun., Dec. 22: (1) Austin 3:16 vs. (9) Douglas Represents
Mon., Dec. 23: (11) Basketball Challenge vs. (14) Snakebit Savage
Tues., Dec. 24: (2) Benoit & Guerrero vs. (7) Hall Returns
Wed., Dec. 25: (4) Hogan Slams Andre vs. (5) ARMBAR
Thurs., Dec. 26: (3) Montreal Screwjob vs. (6) Ziggler Cashes In
Fri., Dec. 27: (1) Hell in a Cell Fall vs. (9) Through Glass
Sat., Dec. 28: (5) Double Turn vs. (13) Rumble Flair
Sun., Dec. 29: (3) Rockers No More vs. (6) Death to Shelton
Mon., Dec. 30: (2) Big Daddy-O Did It vs. (7) Goldberg's Apex
Tues., Dec. 31: (4) McMahon on Nitro vs. (5) Beer Truck
Wed., Jan. 1: (1) Jericho's Debut vs. (8) Hard Times
Thurs., Jan. 2: (2) Formation of the nWo vs. (7) Superflying
Fri., Jan. 3: (4) Lawler Slaps Kaufman vs. (12) Tyson & Austin
Sat., Jan. 4: (2) Punk in the Bank vs. (7) The Reunion
Sun., Jan. 5: (3) Henry Swerve vs. (11) Women Headliners
Mon., Jan. 6: (1) Pipe Bomb vs. (9) DAMN

What match-up are you looking forward to most?

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