Seth Rollins' Cageside Evaluation

Krystal Bogner

Today we put our focus on Shield member: Seth Rollins, lets see how he did with you guys. Starting with the good news...

  1. Work Rate - Possibly top 3 in the WWE, he has a motor that never stops. You all applauded the hard work he puts inside the ring. Always moving, always flying, and always bumping!
  2. Selling Ability - Speaking of bumping, he's good at it. No! He's probably the best at it. I was surprised at how many of you put him above Ziggler! I think you guys appreciate that he keeps it realistic, and not quite so over-the-top.
  3. Taunting - The man likes to taunt and troll during the matches. I wouldn't mind if he just kept that going post-Shield, or amp'ed it up even more. He does it really well, anyone who can get the Undertaker all hot under the collar during a match gets an A+ from me (and you).
  4. In-Ring Work - This goes hand-in-hand with his work rate and selling, put simply by one of you fine Cagesiders, the guy can go in the ring. Great finisher, and solid move-set, what more could you want?
  5. Mic Work - While he has been limited being in a group, a lot of you mentioned how much he's improved overall since his indy days on the mic. He's been able to keep up with Dean as the #2 speaker of the group even with his Iowa accent/lisp (your guys' words!).

Comment of the day goes to BrassCitySaint - "His selling. Most are going to list his in-ring work, his move-set, etc. But I think some attention really needs to be drawn to his selling capabilities. There was a match some time ago where he sold a knee injury, and there was some curiosity as to whether or not he legitimately hurt himself. Later on in the night, the Shield made another appearance ringside, and he was still selling it. That’s commitment to the story, and it’s smart." I remember this episode with his knee, and I too thought all night, "Did he hurt his knee?? Crap!"



Now the bad news...

  1. Bumping Style - His awesome realistic way of selling has a dangerous side to it. Many of you are just waiting for him to get injured badly due to this. Even in the WWE is seems unlikely that he will adjust it anytime soon.
  2. Lost - As in lost within The Shield, even though they are a group, there's always some kind of ranking that will occur, he seems to be #3 at the moment. Unfortunately this muddies his future a bit, as he still needs to find his own voice individually.
  3. Hair - Two-toned on women, looks good. On Men? Not so much. Some of you do like his look as it separates him from Dean/Roman, but majority rules in this case, do something with the hair!
  4. Dolph 2.0 - This is something he needs to avoid, he's mid-sized, so-so on the mic, amazing in the ring, sells like a boss, but not a main-event playyyaaaa!!!...sorry, player. If Seth wants to get to the top, he's going to need something extra to get him there.
  5. Promos - This was talked about with Roman, he's in a group, so he can only do so much. His voice itself lacks a bit, but things have improved and maybe he just needs some more time.

Comment king goes to mrsocko - "To me, he is the Ringo Star of the shield. Hes the guy who you know, and even admit is an important part of the formula, but overall is just the "other guy in the group". Don't get me wrong, he has cut many good promos, but he doesn't have the charisma of Ambrose, or the raw physical presence of Reigns. If he can find his identity, then he has a bright future."

With 154 votes, Mr. Rollins' average score is a 4.1. Rollins scored slightly higher than Reigns (4.0) and is the first person (at time of writing) to have no 1 or 2 votes. Our resident Trolls must be all in their caves today, but I'm sure they will come out very soon.

Great job Cagesiders, tomorrow we will evaluate a champion, who isn't really a champion. Until then!

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