TLC's Cageside Evaluation

No messing around today, lets get right to the evaluation!

  1. Unified Champ - They actually did it! WWE was pushing this whole plot very hard to the point where we thought something shady was going to go down at the end. Luckily they didn't though to the joy of pretty much all of you.
  2. Tag Team Match - This was a highlight for most of you, thanks mainly to Cody/Goldy and The Real Americans. Not much hype for this match, but we knew it would entertain anyways, and it did. So nice they are doing more with tag teams, easy way to get more wrestlers on TV.
  3. Solid Booking - Overall you guys were pleased with the booking, especially with all the clean finishes. I was legit surprised that Orton won clean at the end and that was it. Same that both 3-on-1's ended cleanly.
  4. AJ/Natalya - They had a solid match together, almost thought Natalya was going to pull out the win, but AJ prevailed in the end. I think it's safe to say she will beat Maryse's record as longest champ (consecutive days).
  5. Bray's Creep-Walk - The devil is in the details.

Favorite comments goes to: phlash74 - "Clean finish to the main event (even if it came across as a bit anticlimactic with Orton standing on the ladder for awhile), and the handicap matches were as good as they possibly could be given the limitations with both advancing their story lines well (Shield tension and getting Bray Wyatt over). The other title matches were good as well."

Warning: Loathing ahead.

  1. Unadvertised Matches - For whatever reason WWE pushed two unadvertised matches back-to-back that killed the crowd dead. One was a no-DQ match, why not a T, L, or C Match? I hate that WWE can't put enough story lines together for each PPV match. It's so lazy of them, that they can't setup even a simple feud. Guy is backstage, other guy knocks into him, argument ensues, fight breaks out, advertise them for a PPV match!
  2. Lack of TLC - Aside from the main event, there weren't many tables, ladders, or chairs. Hell even in the main event they were lacking since only one guy was going through all the tables. If they are going to have gimmick named PPV's then deliver the gimmick!
  3. Main-Event Match - While you were pleased with the end, the match itself was not that great. Cena is still not 100% and it showed in the fight, Orton did everything (basically all the big spots) to keep the match interesting. I'm glad he won in the end, he definitely deserved it.
  4. Breakup? - The Shield is going through rough times now, and WWE teased a breakup with Dean getting blasted by Reigns. I don't think it was planned, but when Reigns eye got messed up, it actually worked well that he ended up spearing Dean. He could use the excuse that his "vision was blurry" and didn't mean to. Allows WWE to either break them up or not.
  5. Pre-Show Commercial - They had one match, and still sneak in a friggin' commercial! I was bothered with this, ruined the flow of an already short match. If they want to do a commercial, just do it before the fight please.

Top comment here goes to Yourroleandyour - "Loathe: Two unannounced cool-down matches in a row. Not to mention that they made a no-DQ match instead of a tables or chairs match and then didn’t actually do anything no-DQ worthy."

Our poll with 51 votes (a new low...) had an average score of 3.1. Middle of the road PPV gets a middle of the road score.

Okay Cagesiders, tomorrow we will get back to the norm with someone who has been request for recently, should be fun, until then!

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