Roman Reigns' Cageside Evaluation

"RAAWR!! BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!" Man I seriously wish I could just say that all day, and get paid for it! What did you all think of Roman Reigns? Well lets start with what you guys loved about him.

  1. Spear - The man has a great spear...wait. You guys really enjoy his spear...uh. His finisher is fantastic! It's basically the first thing that comes to mind when you hear his name. This was by far and away the #1 most loved thing about Roman.
  2. Look - He's got a great look, typical WWE size, portrays himself as a monster (even though he's "only" 6'3) really well. Simply has the look of a wrestler.
  3. Emotion/Intensity - "RAWR!"
  4. High Upside - Sky is the limit with this guy, long as he's booked fairly well, he should be a main-event level contender at some point down the road.
  5. Anoa'i Heritage - It doesn't hurt to have blood ties to other wrestlers, seems like guys that are second or third generation get an extra edge from this for one reason or another.

Top comment goes to our resident rumors guy Eric B. Stephen who summed up everything nicely - "Upside – He has the total package of physical tools. He has the Anoa’i connection."



So, what did you loathe about the WWE newcomer...

  1. Promos - He's in the background when it comes to Shield promos, and you all think it's time for him to step forward. His ability to work a mic will either rocket him to the main-event or keep him in the mid-card. This was a definitive #1 choice from you guys.
  2. Singles' Matches - I saw one Cagesider say he's been in only 3 singles' matches! This is the next thing he needs more time with, but I'm sure he won't have an issue entertaining the fans once he gets his solo shot in the ring.
  3. Group Effort - Everything he's done, he's done within a group. He's been protected, and limited at what he can do since coming up to the main roster. None of this is his fault, it's just the cards he was dealt. It does look like he will be on his own in the near future though if keeps messing with Dean!
  4. Experience - Again this isn't really a fault of his, but he just needs more experience. Some of you phrased it as he needs some more "polishing" or he's "incomplete" at this time and its too early to judge much.
  5. Limited Moveset - He's got a couple solid moves, but his overall offense in the ring is still somewhat limited. Hopefully this is something he can expand as he gets more time on his own in the ring.

Top marks go to Vidence - "Any negatives aren’t really negatives for me, but "incomplete" because we just don’t know. I’m far less skeptical than most of you it seems on his ability to cut promos. What he’s asked to do, he does, and does it perfectly. He’s the enforcer, not the leader, or the loudmouth, so of course he doesn’t do as much, but whatever he does say, the delivery, tone, etc. are all spot on. Also, he does have a natural wryness about him that I think will serve him well mixed in with the passion and intensity he has. I always think back to one of their promos where Rollins is trolling Cena about the "you can’t see me" schtick and Reigns just pipes in with a dry, sardonic "I don’t think that thing works anymore, we see you just fine." His delivery is good, his timing is good, as long as the writing works, I think he’ll be just fine on the stick."

Also shout out to TMadeBurner's whole post about Reigns, it's green, if you're looking for it in the comments, good evaluation.

Finally, lets check the poll, with 154 votes Mr. Reigns' average score is a 4. At time of writing he only had 4 votes of either 1 or 2! It looks like you guys are happy with his current work and optimistic for his future.

Good start to the week Cagesiders, tomorrow we will be looking at TLC as a whole. See if we can pull out some major themes or things (good and bad) from Sunday's PPV.

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