Hi, My Name is: Roman Reigns

Looking at the TLC Match of the Night votes, the main event just edged out CM Punk vs. The Shield. Since we've already covered WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, John Cena and CM Punk, lets take a look at The Shield member who ended up making the biggest impact, both to his face and his team losing, Roman Reigns.

If this is your first read with this series, here's the deal. We are looking to hyper-critique an individual and try to pinpoint what they are great and terrible at doing. It's okay to pull out the snark card in your responses.

In fact, it's encouraged!

After enough people respond, I will organize what are the best and worst traits of Mr. Reigns, and compile an evaluation post later in the day. Also, don't worry if you have the same answers as others, the point is to figure out a common denominator for the wrestler.

So the two questions for you are:

What one thing do you consistently love about Roman?

What one thing do you consistently loathe about Roman?

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