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CSS Year-End Awards: Wrestler of the Year nomination thread

It's time to give us your nominees for the "Wrestler of the Year" to be voted on later in the Cageside Seats Year-End Awards.

The Cageside Seats Year-End Awards are here and it's time to nominate who you wish to vote on for "Wrestler of the Year" honors. You can nominate whomever you wish as long as said wrestler works for WWE or TNA.

The nomination process is the same as it is for the tournaments we do on the site. You may nominate as many wrestlers as you wish, but only one wrestler per nomination comment.

For example:

Nominate - John Cena
Nominate - Bully Ray

Each example represents a separate comment.

Before nominating a wrestler, be sure to check the thread to see if the wrestler you have in mind has already been nominated. If so, you can simply "rec" that nomination.

That's because "recs" are what will determine which wrestlers are chosen. If you see a wrestler that you feel should be up for the "Wrestler of the Year" award, simply "rec" that comment. You can "rec" comments by clicking the "rec" button.

Only seven wrestlers will be chosen when all is said and done, so be stingy with your recs. Only the best of the best.

Ready? Go!

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