Who are you rooting for? TLC 2013 (Poll)

Hey, yo. You got to agree that being at Cageside Seats is just too sweet. It's survey time. Is there anyone here rooting for John Cena? And how many people are here to root for Randy Orton? I want to hear your interests as a fan about that match in the poll, as well as the 3-on-1 handicap matches at TLC.

In the marquee bouts, I'm pulling for all of the sinister ones to come out on top. I'm usually not one to hop on the bad guy bandwagon, but these heroes are all duds in my book. Victories for this group of ne'er-do-wells can provide far more intriguing scenarios in my mind. I'm interested to see how much support The Wyatt Family and The Shield can muster against the likes of the hugely popular CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. It should be a good test to see who really are the true Cageside darlings.

For the rest of the card, I'm rooting for Fandango to show up the Show Off, Big E to keep his momentum going, Natalya to carry on the Hart family legacy, and the Real Americans to win gold in the late announced tag team title match. I'm a big fan of the teamwork that the Real Americans powerfully display in the ring. Who's going to get the Cesaro Swing in that match?

The Survivor Series edition of, "Who are you rooting for?" received a mighty 147 votes in the poll. Orton got 52% over Big Show, while Cena got 58% over Alberto Del Rio. The fairly even numbers kind of surprised me, considering the anger over Big Choad taking Bryan's spot and the often expressed apathy towards Del Rio.

To quickly revisit the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament poll, the finals will match up Magnus (12%) against Jeff Hardy (10%). I think it's a pretty solid match, however, it could be considered a bit of a letdown since the top three vote-getters didn't make the finals.

Vote in the poll for your main men and voice your support in the comments for all the matches. Bonus question: Are you a fan of surprise matches on a PPV or do you prefer to be informed of the full card ahead of time so you know what you are paying for?

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