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WWE TLC match card preview: Fatal Fourway for the Tag Team Championship

The tag division is as strong as its been in years. So why can't WWE write a feud or book a title match until the last show before the pay-per-view? Check out our analysis of their latest potpourri of a contest for the bronze eagles.

Tag Team Championship

Goldust & Cody Rhodes (c) vs. The Real Americans (Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger) vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback vs. The Big Show & Rey Mysterio

The tag team division may not have undergone a complete transformation, but it's certainly stronger than it has been in years. While Team Hell No reigned over the pairs ranks, groups like The Shield, The Usos, The Real Americans and The Usos were coming into their own. Throw in the "we're not sure what else to do with them" teams that have always been a part of pro wrestling with the rare organic pairing like the brothers Rhodes and you've got yourself a scene.

Maybe some day they'll actually write storylines for the guys, but for now, let's be thankful for what we've got. And what we've got is enough teams to throw into a fourway elimination match for the belts.

The Rhodes Brothers

Why they'll win: Because they just won a Slammy for best tag team and have been killing it in the ring. Cody Rhodes has never quite broken through as a singles competitor, and he's either building equity with the crowds to become a solo star or settling into his niche as a teams Superstar. Goldust is doing the best work of his career, and this is probably the best way to use him right now - especially if we are headed to a world with only one major title.

Why they'll lose: Because there really is a conspiracy by the McMahons to keep the scions of Dusty down.

The Real Americans

Why they'll win: Antonio Cesaro is operating at a ridiculously high level right now, and he's helped and/or influenced Jack Swagger to up his game, too. The powers-that-be seem to really like using him to help/influence new talent down in developmental, too, so they may decide to keep him in a team so he can fly to Florida for a bunch of tapings over the next year. Plus, now that he doesn't have to dance around the real-life lines of racism since he's not always feuding with Latinos, Zeb Colter is settling in nicely as a heel who is occasionally humorous.

Why they'll lose: They have bigger plans for the Swiss Superman, and their break-up story doesn't need the belt.


Why they'll win: Both of these guys need some kind of feather in their cap if they're ever going to be taken seriously again by the WWE Universe. They both still look like the kinds of wrestlers than Vince McMahon and Triple H like to push. If you take Ryback's ability to connect with the audience and mix it with Curtis Axel's ability to call and work a match, you've got a heck of a Superstar.

Why they'll lose: Their team name sounds like one its side effects is an erection that lasts more than four hours. Even if you combined The Big Guy's ability to connect with an audience with Axel's workrate, you'd still need somebody to cut promos.

Rey Mysterio & The Big Show

Why they'll win: Because Twins is Vince's favorite movie, and he thinks short people standing next to tall people is hilarious. Big Show might cry if they lose.

Why they'll lose: Both men are ten seconds away from a trip to the trainers room, where Rey may or may not try to inject some HGH in between his toes.

What's at stake?

The winners are guaranteed to be in the next last minute multi-team match for Royal Rumble!

Who cares if it's thrown together at the last minute! Eight guys get a pay-per-view share and you get to watch Cesaro and Goldust!

Find out what's next for the tag team division, Sunday night in Houston - and right here at CSS!

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