John Cena's Cageside Evaluation

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Okay getting to this a bit early today, parents are coming over, got dinner to make! Let's see how you guys graded John Cena, first give him some love.

  1. Company Man - He is the face of the WWE. He's the most mainstream full-time active wrestler they have. He wrestles and promotes the brand anywhere in the world. Plus you guys noted his many contributions to the Make-A-Wish foundation.
  2. Hard Worker - Also "dedication" was used a lot in the responses. This was a very close #2, he wrestles a lot and when he gets hurt, he's back in no time. This is the reason why he's the WWE's company man.
  3. Promos - When Cena is on, he is on and you guys mentioned this quite a bit. That promo he did on Monday was a great example of how he can sell a product. When motivated Cena can talk with the best of them.
  4. Drawing Power - This is the first time it's made the list, Cena's ability to draw ratings, buys, and attendance for shows is incredible. I have no statistical analysis to back this up, but you know it's true! It's...damn true.
  5. Good Look - He looks like a wrestler, plain and simple. He is big enough to toss Big Show around and quick enough to keep up with Daniel Bryan. "DANIEL! BRYAN! YES! YES! YES! YES!" Hey, Seattle crowd! Get out of here! "NO! NO! NO!" Don't hi-jack my post! "YES! YES! YES!"

Favorite comment (solid summary) goes to Prussian Creole - "His absolute and borderline insane dedication to the business; he’s good on the mic and in the ring, even if he isn’t the best at either; his recognition of young and underutilized talent and willingness to go to bat for them behind the scenes; all his incredible work with Make-A-Wish."

Okay so he makes kids happy, so what? What did you guys loathe!

  1. Booking - also known as "LOLCENAWINS" John is booked as a superman, and thus he wins a lot. This did not sit well with nearly all of you.
  2. Moveset - Oh my, you guys hate his moves, lol, this was also a close #2. Whether it's 5 moves of doom, shoulder blocks, or his finisher, hate hate hate.
  3. Stale Gimmick - This was also mentioned a ton, and could have easily been #1 as well. Cena has been Cena for a very long time, it's fair to say he could use a makeover, but we all know that's not going to happen for a long time.
  4. Attire - Again his look could be changed, dude is a walking merchandise table and rocks jorts and cargo pants all the time.
  5. Promos - Yes promos made both the love and loathe list. Mostly due to his pandering promos that are going out to CENATION! Yeah you guys don't like those kind of promos, so here it is.

Favorite loath comment comes in late and summed everything up nicely (I love those posts), thanks GuyinNY - "Loathe: Supercena. The 5 moves of doom. His cranky, childish promos. Jorts."

Real quick on the comments, some excellent ones written that were just too long for me to include. If you usually skim comments, give a thorough read through the Cena evaluation.

Onto the poll (with 165 votes as of this writing) Mr. Cena has an average of 3.7. Not amazing, but not too bad either for our World Heavyweight Champion.

Thanks Cagesiders, until tomorrow!

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