AJ Lee's Cageside Evaluation

Anton Jackson via Wikimedia Commons

Light it up, Cagesiders! Indeed you did today with AJ Lee as our subject. Lets see what she's got goin' on and what needs work.

  1. Character - Whatever the WWE gives, she turns into gold. Nerdy girl, Daniel's babyface girlfriend, a skipping boy-crazy psycho, or a pipebombshell, she can do it all. A very large amount of replies appreciated that she can entertain good or bad.
  2. Promos - You guys are fans and happy that she is comfortable on the mic, which many of the divas have trouble doing. Getting a reaction from the crowd is tough, it's even tougher in the women's division.
  3. Looks - Depending on the gimmick, she's got a wide range of "nerdy cute" to "kinda scary, but I like it!" Very fit and for a smaller frame AJ has been able to pack a lot onto it. #AJThighs
  4. Selling Ability - Her time with Dolph did her well, rag dolls with the best of them.
  5. Passion - We know it's there, she's been a long time wrestling fan (see her meeting Lita). Even when AJ was in NXT we could see she loved her job and wanted to be the best.

This should not be a surprise favorite, but rancho king gets it with "Love: everything" and to give a bit more detail by ExplicitMoxViolence - " I love looking at AJ Lee. I love her skipping. I love her pigtails. I love her booty. I love the Black Widow and that chicks have to slap her ass to tap. I love how well she sells. I love her acting skills. I love her sexy eyes. I love her abs. I love her proportional chest, no fake jugs." Well said, Mox.



So now lets turn to the dark side and see what people loathed about the Diva's champ.

  1. In-Ring Work - Too many rest holds, weak offense, and fighting weak talent (not so much her fault) were the major themes that dominated what people want AJ to work on. An interesting discussion was started about if she is sub-par talent in the ring or only sub-par because of the people that she wrestles.
  2. Size - She's tiny and as a baby-face it's not such a big deal, but as heel with an attitude it can be a problem. The credibility of her being able to take down larger opponents is tougher to believe. It also forces her to have a very specific offense since she can't just pick people up a la Beth Phoenix.
  3. Finisher - People disliked it for multiple reasons; sketchy setup, main offense doesn't work the arm enough, or opponents are simply not strong enough to hold her up. Not sure why she doesn't just use the shining wizard as her finisher...
  4. Weak Division - This is no fault of AJ's, but it holds her back from full potential and having consistent quality matches. She can't really improve with the group she's currently with, but we all know who looms in NXT.

I'll do two favorite comments for this section as well, the first by Vidence who summed everything up nicely: "Ringwork needs improvement. It looks even worse because she’s a heel, and thus can’t emphasize the one thing she does well, which is selling, but even still, her moveset needs a lot of work, her offense looks weak, and she could also serve to work on ring psychology and storytelling. With her finisher, I like it, but she needs to develop an offense built more around targeting the arm, particularly because of her diminutive size, as it’s hard to buy her as a threat in the ring otherwise."

The second is to Rex who gave a low rating in the poll (2) and backed up why - "Mediocre in ring work, not that great at selling outside of her rag doll bump, mic work is largely pedestrian and boring week to week, character is really stale and has no depth. As someone put it once- community theater level crazy chic"

Ms. Lee's average in our poll (265 votes) was a 4.3! It will be interesting to see if any Divas can top that.

As always I appreciate the responses, until tomorrow...a hint at who's next? They are super cereal.

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