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Davey Richards is done with Ring Of Honor before Final Battle

Davey Richards has announced on Facebook that he is done with Ring Of Honor and won't be appearing at Final Battle 2013. Apparently, ROH unbooked him from the event due to a disparaging online interview and being a headache to deal with.

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Davey Richards needs to learn how to shut his mouth to succeed in WWE
Davey Richards needs to learn how to shut his mouth to succeed in WWE
Photo by Anton of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

In news that won't come as a big surprise, given his recent WWE tryout with tag team partner Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards is done with Ring Of Honor effective immediately, according to both and Davey had confirmed the news himself with the following despondent farewell post on his Facebook page:

"With a heavy heart, I can announce I announce that myself and ROH have parted ways for good and I will not be at Final Battle. Please continue to support them and the incredible talent they have. Thanks for the memories. It was an amazing ride."

Where the story becomes strange is that Richards had been booked for a final match with the promotion at ROH's last major show of the year, the aforementioned Final Battle event, where The American Wolves would face Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong. Apparently, ROH management decided to get rid of him from the promotion two weeks early having finally had enough of all the headaches he was causing them.

Last month, Richards got in hot water with ROH officials for an interview he had done with the free, online Total Wrestling Magazine where he made a number of disparaging remarks about their company. Rather than give a cagey, political answer, when asked about ROH's iPPV issues, he buried the promotion:

"I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me. If they can’t get their crap together, that’s their problem. I just worry about showing up, doing my job in the ring, and they can do whatever they want with that stuff. It’s their deal."

He also criticised their booking claiming that it didn't matter that the ROH Tag Team Championships changed hands on three consecutive shows over the summer, as "those belts don’t mean nothing anymore, anyway" and also bashed the stripping of Jay Briscoe as ROH World Heavyweight Champion for purely storyline purposes:

"In my opinion the whole thing is a bit screwy, but it is what it is. I don't book the shows but you can't fault the talent. If you stick any of those guys in the ring you're going to get a good match, so it's entertaining for the fans."

It's not the first time Richards has gotten into trouble for speaking his mind, as in the summer of 2012 he called Jim Cornette "outdated" and the storyline for his match with Eddie Edwards at Final Battle 2011 "stupid and ridiculousin a shoot interview for

Richards smoothed things over after his rash remarks by apologising to the whole locker room at the ROH house show in Dearborn, MI, on November 15th during a team meeting, but claimed that his comments had been taken out of context. However, it seems that problems flared up between the two sides again due to Davey's displeasure with ROH's plans for his final appearance with the company and that caused the latest split.

Given how he's burnt his bridges with ROH and probably made a few enemies in TNA too by making fun of their recent problems in that TWM interview, Richards better hope that he indeed gets given a long term deal from WWE. Meanwhile, Eddie Edwards better hope that his American Wolves partner quickly learns to shut his mouth and know his role, otherwise their WWE stay will be short-lived.

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