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WWE TLC 2013 match card and rumors

Here's the current WWE "TLC" 2013 match card and line up for the pay-per-view scheduled for Dec. 15 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

The next pay-per-view (PPV) on the WWE schedule is the TLC event set to take place on Sun., Dec. 15, 2013, at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, the company's annual end of the year showcase playing off the popular Tables, Ladders, and Chairs gimmick match that took the pro wrestling world by storm in the early 2000s.

We're already just two weeks out from showtime. Only one match has been made official for the card but there are some rumors regarding the direction the company is heading. Let's take a look:

- John Cena vs. Randy Orton (TLC match for the WWE and World heavyweight titles)

Considering the stakes, this match alone is expected to sell the show. However, there are obvious issues at play, namely the fact that the booking has left the finish far too open for an ending no one wants to see. Couple that with the way fans got invested in Daniel Bryan and were screwed each and every PPV for four months straight, well, confidence isn't high that there will be a clean resolution to anything. Not that that's absolutely necessary all the time, but it's definitely the hope in a situation like this.

As far as rumors for the remainder of the show, well, they're light as of right now.

CM Punk is currently feuding with The Shield while Daniel Bryan is feuding with the Wyatt Family. But the Rhodes Bros are also in that mix somewhere, what with the tag team titles, not to mention The Usos and Rey Mysterio, how have spent considerable time getting thrown into the mix.

Obviously, you wouldn't want to book all of them in one match at one time, especially on a PPV light on matches already, but it's possible they go with a huge TLC match pitting the babyfaces against the heels. That would be the case if creative can't get something together sooner.

They could also break off some of the major players and do other matches. Rumor has it that Bryan could be taking on Bray Wyatt in a straight singles match. Dean Ambrose also still holds the U.S. title and having someone like Rey Mysterio challenge for it wouldn't be the worst thing.

Elsewhere, Big E. Langston has an Intercontinental championship he could be defending against either Curtis Axel or Ryback, though that doesn't seem desirable. The idea is to get him to a feud with Mark Henry, who he's tagging with at the moment, so they might book a tag match with all those involved and run the break up angle at this show.

Throw in a standard Divas match with AJ Lee involved and you're closer to a complete card. One thing you shouldn't expect is a match involving Triple H, as it's looking more and more likely he won't wrestle again until WrestleMania XXX.

That's the show right now, Cagesiders, along with all the rumors for it. Remember, none of that is official -- outside of Cena vs. Orton -- and the card is subject to change at all times.

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